Sunday, 27 July 2014

Where am I on the Internet?

It occurs to me that I haven't updated my internet details lately, so here's where you can find me (apart from here).



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Happy Sunday

I finally submitted The Last Wolf to Love Lane Books this morning. Two weeks late but at least it got done, with much appreciated help from RJ Scott, SA Meade and Lisa Worrall.

I had lunch with Lisa Worrall and we brainstormed In-Decision, the sequel to Lisa's Un-Expected. I'm excited about writing this book. They are Lisa's characters. I hope I do them justice or she'll kill me.

I've not been too well recently and working myself up into a right state about the symptoms. Fortunately Lisa gave me a smack around the head and pointed out what it could be, rather than what I was thinking. I'm going to the doctors asap and hopefully I'll be feeling much better soon.

And just because...

Tower Bridge in London

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday thankfulness #1

I was tagged by the very beautiful Anastasia Vitsky to tell the world what I'm thankful for.

So before I go to bed here are some of the things that make me thankful:

  • My kids. They drive me insane on a regular basis but I love them. Especially as they've got older and our relationship has changed.
  • My dogs who love my skill with the food bag me. Of course they do. But they give me love and cuddles and get me off my arse and walking over the beautiful common.
  • Finding a venue for the M/M Romance authors book signing. I had a few sleepless nights about that.
  • The number of readers and authors who are excited by the book signing.
  • My bed. 
  • Friends who kick my arse when the story isn't quite right. 
  • A neighbour who's helped me get rid of my old car.
  • Clare London. She knows why.
  • Liz and Ollie the collie, for fantastic dog walks.
  • Coffee
  • My sisters. I adore them both. Since my mum died when I was eighteen I don't know what I'd have done without them.

Book signing for MM Writers

Like most of south-east England I'm melting in our current hot weather and humidity. Unlike America, we haven't grasped the concept of air-conditioning in houses. Well, I guess we only need it two weeks of the year. Anyway, yesterday, my lovely kids and Amelia, my assistant, and I, dripped our way around London's tube system to find a venue for a book signing for our lovely M/M Romance authors.

The date is 6th September 2014, from 13.00 to 18.00.

Confirmed writers so far (will be updated): 
RJ Scott
Aleksandr Voinov
Sue Brown
S.A. Meade
K.J. Charles
Garrett Leigh
K.C. Wells
Susan Mac Nicol
Violet Joicey-Cowen
Josephine Myles
Anna Martin
Julie Bozza
Charlie Cochrane
T.J. Masters
Chris Quinton

In the end we decided on the Railway Tavern, opposite Liverpool Street Station.

Railway Tavern, 15 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7NX

Prime reasons for choosing the location.

  • opposite Liverpool Street mainline and underground station 
  • the City bar is on two levels, so readings can take place on one level and signings below
  • access to food and drink
There is a Facebook event here to keep you posted on all the details.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Round up with gay movies.

Happy Monday, lovelies.

I've had a great weekend with my friend, Jason. He brought his box of tricks with him and we watched a few films and documentaries and he introduced me to the series, Trauma. Whoa, that was a great series.

I loved this comedy-mystery spoof with its James Bond title sequence.

This explores the meaning of masculinity in American gay men and culture. For a non-American some of it was hard to relate to but it was interesting.

I enjoyed the love story even if it was extremely predictable. It was a happy, relaxing film to watch.

Friday, 18 July 2014


Earlier on this week on my incessant trawl through the internet I saw a word I hadn't seen before. "Spornosexual" Do what? I'm familiar with hetero/homo/bi/pan/a/metro, but spornosexual...?

Who would I turn to for a definition? In this case, Richard and Judy in the Express.

"The new in-word for guys like Gary [Lineker] is “spornosexual”, a metrosexual bloke (keep up, they’re so last year) who has updated his beach body to resemble a hybrid sport and porn star."
Gary Lineker

The word was coined by journalist Mark Simpson, who originally gave us metrosexual. Twenty years? I can't believe the word is that old.

And now I finally understand why these photos of  Bobby and Harry from TOWIE were plastered all over my Facebook.

Even the BBC has an interview with a young guy who agrees he could be classified as a spornosexual. He has a different perspective.

Do you think you may be a spornosexual? The Telegraph has a quiz to help you. (I am having shades of Cosmo here). I don't think the Telegraph was that impressed. Their headline ran

If this is what spornosexual means, then God help us all

Me? I'm not convinced the end of the world is nigh because guys go to extremes to look good.