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Blinded Date 2 - Second Date by Chris P. Rolls

Blinded Date 2 - Second Date

Written in German, a new gay romance by Chris P. Rolls - available as ebook and print

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Not only a small handicap, but his special whishes make it difficult for Sirius to find a suitable and lasting partnership. Although he works in a special gayclub, the "Blinded Date", with the slogan: "Everything goes, nothing needs."
For beeing honest when finding a watch, he is rewarded double: Not only with the finder's fee but with a free membership at "Blinded". Suddenly there are new possibities. Does Sirius manage to conquer his self-doubts and capture the man of his wet dreams?
Each book contains a new pairing in the "Blinded Date"

Nicht nur ein kleines Handicap, sondern auch seine besonderen Wünsche, machen es Sirius schwer, dauerhaft einen geeigneten Partner zu finden. Dabei arbeitet er in einem ganz speziellen Gay-Club, dem "Blinded Date", in dem: "Alles geht, nichts muss." Für seine Ehrlichkeit beim Abgeben einer gefundenen Uhr wird er doppelt belohnt: Neben dem Finderlohn, bekommt er auch eine Gratismitgliedschaft im "Blinded" und plötzlich eröffnen sich ihm neue Möglichkeiten.
Schafft es Sirius die Selbstzweifel zu besiegen und den Mann seiner feuchten Träume zu erobern?

Friday, 17 February 2017

Seven Days by Cristina Bruni

Seven Days by Cristina Bruni

Publisher: JMS Books

Blurb: During a golf tournament in Virginia, American golfer Reginald Weston meets Russell Lee, the British former world champion in the sport. The two men hit it off when Reginald takes Russell under his wing, teaching him the tricks of the game.

As their friendship deepens, Reginald finds himself falling in love with the Englishman, though he knows Russell doesn’t feel the same. He’s painfully aware of the fact that Russell isn’t gay.

But there’s more to Russell than meets the eye. He’s a troubled soul, plagued by monsters in his head telling him who he should be. He’s spent most of his life hiding his sexuality from the world so he won’t disappoint his homophobic mother.

Is seven days enough time for Russell to break through the years of hurt and accept the new direction fate has in store for him and Reginald?

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AUTHOR’S BIO: Cristina Bruni lives in northern Italy with her husband and their child. She’s already published many M/M novels in Italy with Triskell Rainbow publisher. Since she was a young girl, her biggest wishes were being a mother and an author and now, after fighting for it for years, she finally succeeded in both. She loves travelling abroad, going to the cinema, reading Sherlock Holmes, luxury bags and playing tennis and golf. She’s madly USA-sick and UK-sick.
She made her debut writing fanfictions and, now, her new wish would be writing love Male-to-Male stories for the rest of her life and living on a beach in Hawaii.
Maybe dreams will come true again, sooner or later...







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Furry in Fate by Jane Jamieson

About Furry in Fate (Werecats of Fate 1)

Buylink: BookStrand

Sheryl Harmon chases after her sister, Carol, following her into the mountains surrounding Fate. She’s worried about Carol, unsure of her sister’s state of mind.

Werecat mountain lions, Shane, Dylan, and Win Booker runs straight into Sheryl in the woods. Positive she’s their mate, they’ll help search for her sister. Yet finding Carol turns out to be harder than first thought. Is Carol trying to stay hidden? Is she in danger, not only in the woods, but from herself?

The only things that can distract Sheryl from worrying about her sister are the three sexy men. She trusts them, but still wonders why they’re helping her. As they search, one obstacle after the other rises, endangering Sheryl and testing the men.

Will they find Sheryl’s sister? If so, what will Sheryl do then? Love for her sister brought her to the mountains, but can love keep her there? Or will her sister tear her apart?

Jane's website is

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Alpha Barman Audiobook is now out

Alpha Barman is now up on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

The audiobook is now available, narrated by the amazing Greg Tremblay, narrating here as Greg Boudreaux: UK and US.

It's a book about alpha men, but also understanding and forgiveness. Did I mention the alpha men?

Blurb: Jake Tyler walked out of Covert Ops two years ago, a devastated, broken man after he discovered his sister brutally murdered by her husband, Riley. Since then he’s found a kind of peace running a rural bar. The last thing Jake Tyler expects is his former team to turn up with grim news. Jake’s ex-brother-in-law has escaped from prison and is heading Jake’s way. The team is here to protect Jake, whether he likes it or not – a decision reluctantly shared by their leader, Jake’s ex-lover Mitch Mitchelson.

Mitch is angry and hurting. The man he trusted – the man he adored more than anything – abandoned both his team and Mitch. Jake never gave Mitch a chance to help or come to terms with his desertion. Regardless of mission protocols, Mitch isn’t about to open his heart again to that kind of pain.

But the strong attraction between them can’t be denied. How are they ever going to work together when Mitch still resents Jake’s disappearance, and to Jake, the team represents everything that destroyed him in the first place? And meantime they wait for Riley to find them... and to settle the threat once and for all.


Jake shook his head. He didn’t want to think about Riley like that. He’d murdered his sister. That’s all he needed to remember. His beautiful, precious baby sister. “Even if he does come here I can take care of myself,” he said.

Mitch huffed impatiently, a sure sign he was still angry. “We’re not having this argument again, are we? Lukas told the unit to protect you and that’s what we’re doing.”

“Why you? Why this unit?” Jake’s voice was barely above a whisper.

“Because he thinks you’re still one of us.” Mitch shrugged. “And so do they.” He made a stabbing gesture with his finger toward the door.

“And you?”

“You stopped being one of us the second you walked away,” Mitch said, the sneer still plastered to his face, but the hurt in his eyes told a different tale. You walked away from me.

At least Jake knew where he stood now. Mitch didn’t want anything to do with him. Jake bit back the disappointment in his gut as he stood. It was for the best. He was the one who’d left without a word. “Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not running away. You want to catch the fucker. You do it here.”


“He’s not driving me out of my home.”

Mitch shook his head. “You’re not safe here. If we take you to a safe house until we catch him…. J.T., be reasonable.”

Jake got into Mitch’s space, relishing the anger and uncertainty he saw on his face. Oh yeah, he’d missed this; missed the sparks between them that had flown every day as they lived, loved, worked and fucked together. “I am staying here in my bar. End of. And it’s Jake.”

His expression dark and stormy, Mitch stared down at him, so close his muscled chest brushed Jake’s. Jake watched the tic jump under Mitch’s left eye, a sure sign he was angry. “You know the risks. Why are you being so damn stupid?”

“He stole everything from me,” Jake said. “He’s not having my bar, too.”

The tic jumped uncontrollably for a few seconds. “He didn’t steal me… us. You were the one who threw that away.”

What is the dentist thinking?

My writing group did an exercise with each writer getting two prompts, and we had to write about 200 words. Mine was dentist and fur coat in the summer time. I didn't manage the summer time or 200 words, but this was my attempt.


He thinks about how he can kill his patients as they sit, trapped in his chair like death-row criminals awaiting the final needle. He sticks his fingers in their mouth and gleefully plans their demise, asking questions they can't possibly answer. It gives him great pleasure to make their deaths as grizzly as possible.

 He hates them all, listening with cold-hearted cynicism as they stammer their excuses, each cavity bearing witness to the tissue of lies.

The last patient of the day walks in, all fur coat and no knickers as his old gran would say. She settles herself down on the black seat and smiles up at him, her expression clearly expecting his admiration. He smiles back, one finger twitching. One little injection. That's all it would take.


Coming Soon. Troy: Out of the Dark by J.J. Harper

Troy: Out of the Dark by J.J. Harper

Buy link: Amazon

Blurb: Rafferty ‘Raff’ McMahon—beaten, broken and cast out of his home at eighteen—turns to his aged aunt who helps him become a new man with a new name. Ten years later, a successful photographer with an edge to his work everyone seems to want, a call that will set his life on a roller coaster ride comes through. Troy Ballantyne, CEO of De’ath of You Enterprises, wants to meet him. Mesmerized by the voice coming down the line, Raff immediately agrees to the meeting.

“Hi, can I speak to Rafferty McMahon?” A deep and seductive voice asks.

“You are.” My reply is short, who the fuck is this? I’m having a horrendous day and, however hot this guy sounds, I want off my phone.

He sets about researching, not the company but the man himself; captivated by Troy’s images, Raff is excited to meet the man behind the sexy drawl.

When Troy sets up a meeting with up-and-coming photographer Rafferty McMahon the last thing he expects is to be drawn to him. A connection he has already experienced once before, his heart beats a little faster. Is this for real?

“What do you want, Troy?” His voice, low and gravelly, sends shivers over my body.

“I don’t know. We have only just met but from the first moment I heard your voice I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you.”

The feeling of ownership overwhelms Troy and as much as he wants to stay locked away with only the memories of Franco, he can’t fight his feelings for this handsome man.

Is this the man Franco told Troy was waiting for him? Is he going to be the great love of his life? Will both Raff and Troy be allowed to be with their one true love, or is there someone out there ready to tear them apart?

It is book two in a duology and follows on from Troy – Into the Light (available now)

Troy’s story hits on a hard subject that may act as a trigger for some.

About JJ Harper

I’m J J Harper or Jess to my friends and family. I have a love for hot steamy love stories and write m/m and m/f romances.

I stumbled into writing after a suggestion from my husband set some seeds sowing in my head and the ideas started to flow. I have found something that I absolutely love doing. I’m a true romantic and always want to see a happy ever after in my books and in life.

I live in the UK in the quiet Lincolnshire countryside along with my husband and my dog, it’s a peaceful existence which balances out all the crazy that goes on in my head. What would the neighbours think of me???

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Valentine story: The Way to His Heart by Felice Stevens

The Way to His Heart by Felice Stevens

Buylink: Amazon : iBooks : Kobo

Love is going pretty well for Gideon Marks. He’s living with his boyfriend, Jonah, and his business is thriving beyond his wildest dreams. So why is he still worried he’s not enough, and all he holds dear will slip through his fingers?

Jonah Fine has everything he wants; he’s head over heels in love with Gideon and has finally stepped out from under the shadow of his father. Aware of Gideon's continuing struggle with dyslexia, Jonah tries to reassure him that they are equal partners in their relationship by making their first Valentine's Day one to remember.

Ghosts from the past reappear, sending Gideon into a tailspin. He must make the decision to either hold on to the anger he grew up with or forgive the pain he’s carried with him all his life. It will take all of Gideon's courage, Jonah's love, and a special surprise for Gideon to finally realize the one person he must learn to love is himself.

This is a brand-new, 12,000 word short story featuring a sexy chef, and a hot rabbi who needs to learn to stay out of the kitchen.