Sunday, 24 August 2014

Artist: Nebojša Zdravković

This painting is from Serbian artist, Nebojša Zdravković. I found these paintings here. The plot bunnies are chewing furiously at this beautiful painting.

Morning Model
I found a little bit about him here.

Nebojša Zdravković is a creative artist of powerful temperament, noted for his precise drawing skills and dynamic and expressive colour range. Born in Belgrade in 1959, he trained in the best art schools and graduated with a Masters Degree. He is now a member of the Association of Serbian Fine Artists. He was granted a scholarship by the Spanish government for post-graduate studies in Madrid.
He has won many prizes for his work in his own country and abroad. His work has been exhibited in many group shows, and he has had several solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Belgrade, Athens and Cyprus, including at Adonis Art in 2002 and 2003.
His paintings are strikingly original. He paints mainly from life. He is captivated by the play of light on his subjects and their settings, and this is evidenced in the energetic colours he uses to create his effects. Overall, his paintings have a unique brilliance and atmosphere that make them highly distinctive.

Eight Sources of Light

Windy Day

Sunday Drabble

Plot bunnies are rolling around in my head, and rather than do something useful, I've written a drabble. So this might end up in a new story if the rest of the plot comes together. If....

Colin sat in the corner of the room, his head in Marie’s lap. They were both drunk and tired, and although the party was almost over, neither of them could be bothered to move.
Marie stroked the bangs off his face. “Where’s Brad? Did he come to the party?”
“We broke up last night.”
“You don’t sound all that bothered.”
“I’m not.”
“Is there someone else?”
“Kind of.”
Her eyes narrowed. “You’re deliberately holding back, aren’t you?”
Colin shrugged, not an easy thing to do lying on the floor. “Dan’s back home, and anyway, he’s never going to be mine.” 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

LGBT articles that caught my eye

Needs no explanation

"An Internet protocol address attached to the U.S. House of Representatives has been blocked from making anonymous edits at Wikipedia for 30 days for making a series of offensive edits to entries on transgender people and issues."

"After my speech at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention in June, my partner, Jacob, came onstage, and — just like every other candidate and their loved ones — we kissed.
What happened next was just a little extraordinary: nothing."

"That’s why I found myself in unfamiliar territory when I — the open guy, the “figured out” guy, the unquestionably straight guy — realized that I was in love with my best friend, a man. A man I had known for seven years. A man I had never before even thought of in a romantic way. But, there I was, in love."

‘Implemented correctly, the new crime would provide clarity – giving victims the confidence to seek support, ensuring perpetrators understand their behavior is criminal, and reduce ambiguity for police so they respond effectively,’ 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Gay For You

I'm an MM romance writer, and as such we have tropes in our genre that don't appear in mainstream romance, one of them being 'gay for you'.

I have seen many people declare gay for you is a total fantasy of straight women and could never happen. Read jessewave's post and the comments on the subject. I've kept quiet because it did happen to me, but I'm a woman and my sexuality is fluid, and men are wired differently yadda yadda.

Today I read "I'm an otherwise straight man (who fell in love with his best friend)". This is a tale of a straight man who... read the title! If I'd been in private I would have whooped with joy! Yes, finally, a man who gets it!

Look, I'm not saying GFY is common. What I am saying is that it does exist. It happened to me and it happened to Mike (the man in the article). People are not wired all the same. They don't necessarily stay attracted to the same people/gender their entire life.
 Only a person who has never questioned their erotic preconceptions could point at that situation and call it “Gay-For-You” because (again) to do so implies that sexuality is something you put on like a hat, and can take off just as easily. 

No! No! No! GFY does not mean people are 'choosing' to be gay.They are attracted to someone, in this case their own gender, after a lifetime being attracted to the opposite sex. They don't walk down the road and think "Oooh, I'll pick a guy/girl today". It's the person they are attracted to.

Believe me, it isn't easy to suddenly discover you're attracted to the same sex. I explored it in Nothing Ever Happens as the man struggles painfully with the attraction, and I explored it Hairy Harry's Car Seat as something much easier. You don't put it on like a hat but it does exist. It really does.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Falling for Ramos

Falling for Ramos has finally made it to the coming soon page on the Dreamspinner site. I'm thrilled to have this painting by the very talented Ian Brown (no relation) as my cover art.

Due out 15th September 2014

A glimpse of a group of businessmen in a newspaper tells Colin Hess his old love, Alejandro Ramos, is back in London a decade after they split up. 

They met by chance as students, when Colin was pushed into Ramos’s lap at a party. Despite the disapproval from Ramos’s parents, Colin and Ramos were inseparable from that moment and settled in their own place as soon as they finished university. 

But when Ramos’s father fell ill, Ramos was forced to return to the family vineyard, leaving Colin behind. When Colin joined him for a holiday, the plans Ramos’s parents had for their son became painfully clear—and those plans did not involve Colin. 

Colin knows it would be stupid to rekindle their old love after the devastating end to their relationship. Still, neither can deny that they still have feelings for each other from the minute they meet, and Colin learns the meeting might not be as random as it seemed.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The day I watched the sunrise over the Marchioness disaster

I'd like to talk about something that happened twenty-five years ago and most people outside the UK will probably never have heard about.

On August 20th 1989 fifty-one people died when the Marchioness pleasure boat sank in the Thames after it collided with the dredger, Bowbelle. The dead were young people, on the Marchioness for a party.

That day, I was staying at my dad's flat. I think it was the only time I stayed there and my ex-husband was expecting his best friend over. His BF and I did not see eye to eye. I took the opportunity to stay away and spend some time with my father and my step-mum.

My dad had a one-bedroom flat so I was sleeping on the sofa. Some time in the night I got woken by my father talking extremely loudly and very calmly. I couldn't really process what he was saying but I know he was telling someone to be sensible and to calm down. The next door neighbour was drunk out of his skull and had decided to throw his furniture through (not out - through) the window and was then threatening to throw himself after the furniture. He had family issues. They were six floors up. It would have been messy.

The rest of the night is a matter of snapshots in my brain. I made tea - lots and lots of tea. The police arrived in the lift. I swear I remember them wearing riot gear and getting stuck as they tried to get out of the lift with all their shields. Drunk guy's mum stood at the bottom of the building begging him not jump.

The mood of the police changed when the guy threw a large bladed knife through the letter box. They had little patience with him and it's only afterwards we found out why. At five in the morning we made them tea. These police officers had spent the night at the Marchioness disaster, dealing with the dead and injured. They were exhausted and numb.

They left, only to return half an hour later for the knife. After all the excitement I gave up trying to sleep and watched the sunrise over the Thames with yet more tea, watching the helicopters circle around the site of the disaster.

That date is etched in my memory and one of the times I was so proud of my father as he tried to stop a drunk guy from making a big mistake.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

See! I have reason to be scared of cows

I was trawling Facebook yesterday and I discovered from I fucking love Science that I am right! This doesn't happen very often! But I have reason to be scared of cows (see my Cowardly blog).

See me look smug!