Thursday, 20 October 2016

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This caught my eye as I've been thinking of paying for a Facebook ad. Martha Conway talks about proceeding with caution after making an easy error.

The first day and a half was exhilarating. Almost immediately I was getting a far greater number of clicks (users who clicked on my ad and were taken to the Amazon book purchase page) than I believed possible. The ad went live late on the evening of September 5, and on September 6, the first full day of advertising, I received 166 clicks in one day. To give you some context, most of my Amazon or Google ads received only about 100 clicks over the course of one week. Read the rest here

The Inspiration behind Morning My Angel

Way, way back, I used to have a friend. Yes, honestly. Every morning I would log onto the computer and before I'd sipped my first swig of Earl Grey, he would say "Morning, angel." 

I was playing around with a new story when I remembered his greeting. How could I include in a story? *thinks* Angel. Charlie. Charlie's Angels. And there we have it. Charlie and his Angel. 

Morning My Angel.

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Josh Cooper, top US security field agent, is sent on an inter-agency assignment to London, when a partner in his firm goes missing in suspicious circumstances. Used to working in sole charge of his well-honed team, he clashes heads with the handsome, but pompous Cal, his UK co-operator and superior. Josh’s gut tells him something is wrong. He’s being kept out of the loop and Cal’s agenda is running on a different path.

He also has a personal issue to deal with. He’s involved in a cyber-relationship with “Charlie”, an unknown man who connected with Josh by accident. Their banter has led to deeper respect and a sexual interest, but now Josh is faced with a growing attraction to Cal. Between this conflict and the tension of the mission, Josh’s heart and head are overworked and confused. Things can’t get much worse.

Then Josh discovers the enemies he’s seeking have a new target: him.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Review of Full Circle by Victoria Sue



TITLE: Full Circle

SERIES: Sirius Wolves #7

AUTHOR: Victoria Sue

PUBLISHER: Dark Hollow Press

COVER ARTIST: Dark Hollow Press

LENGTH: 50,000 words

RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2016

BLURB: “Win the love of the wolf with the hardest heart.”

Faced with eternal banishment to hell, Anubis, god of the underworld, has found a loophole in one of the oldest laws which will allow him to unleash his evil on an unsuspecting human world. Orion’s only hope to stop him is to accept his challenge: send a champion to win the love of the wolf with the hardest heart. It will take someone with a pure heart to soften a closed one, so faced with the threat of losing not only the werewolves, but the destruction of the human race, the gods can only do one thing — send Adam, one of their own.

Adam quickly realizes that the werewolf whose love he must win is Jed.  Wounded after the loss of his wife and son, Jed promised he would never love again or be responsible for someone else’s happiness. Adam has been given a near impossible task.

Anubis is eager to see Adam fail, and unbeknown to everyone takes matters into his own hands to make sure of it. Everything happening now is part of his master plan, and finally it has come full circle.

Even if Adam succeeds and wins Jed's heart, will that love survive when Jed discovers the whole thing was nothing more than a bet? Or when Adam does the one thing he mustn’t and falls in love himself, will he not only break Jed’s heart but completely destroy his own?


Jed gentled his hand as Adam mewled in the back of his throat, both of Adam’s hands surrounding his neck and pressing tightly with an overwhelming urge to simply hang on.

They shared kisses. Shared air. Jed swallowed every reaction from Adam because it was precious. Finally, he wiped his hand and their bodies clean on the sheet and drew Adam in closer.

His heart beat loudly in his ears. Jed didn’t want to think about what they had just done, and let reality intrude on the bliss that seemed to wrap them both up. It wasn’t the whole fucking a guy thing, even though he was still in shock about that. It was the need inside of him, the nameless urge that transcended sex or narrow bigoted views of what made other people happy. In a lot of ways, it wasn’t even the fact that Adam was human and Jed was not.

It was his unshaking doubt that as soon as Jed trusted, as soon as Jed let in a little belief, as soon as Jed started thinking in terms of forever… That’s when it would happen. That’s when his forever would be ripped away. It had with his family. The day his father hadn’t returned from the hunt because of a human’s bullet. The day they’d fled their home because the forest was cleared to make a human town, and his family had no idea how to live in one. The day he was out scrounging for food to fill their empty bellies because it was winter and they should have been warm and safe in their homes, and his little sister had been attacked by a rogue. The rogue had been insane, half-mad with whatever injustice had caused him to attack a pup, and his mom had died trying to defend her.

And then he had trusted once more. Raye had waltzed into his life and danced his objections away. Then it had happened again, as surely as Jed feared it would.

He clutched Adam tighter, knowing his hold wouldn’t last, knowing Adam would be ripped from him like everyone else…

He no longer had any dreams that could be taken from him. He’d accepted long ago that the pack would be his life, but he would go home alone every day. He almost didn’t mind because he knew it wasn’t a matter if Adam would realize he was a pathetic old man and would leave.

It was simply a matter of when.

I loved this shifter tale from Victoria Sue. The story was complex enough to keep me interested (no mean feat these days), but at its heart a love story. I haven't read the others in the series, and am determined to rectify that situation, but there was enough information for me to follow along with the world building, without feeling it was info-dumped. I did like the complex and varied relationships between the Gods/shifters/humans, and their machinations. Well worth reading, a solid 4 stars.


Has loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kids' adventure stories, she would go raid her Mom's. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.

She's still in love with them. Any size, any shape, any creature - love is love, no matter what it says on the box.

In fact if they don't fit very neatly into any box she loves them even more!

She has a very patient husband and three wonderful children. In 2010 in search of adventure they all moved from the UK to the US and are happily settled in Florida.

In 2013 after reading love stories for so long she decided to write her own.

You can also email Victoria at -


Winner’s Prize: An e-copy from Victoria Sue’s backlist

Monday, 17 October 2016

For the Love of Ghost… by F.E. Feeley Jr.

I was talking to F.E. Feeley Jr. about romance. His perception of romance is very different from mine; deeper, more profound than mine. I'm really pleased he wrote this post about his feelings towards romance, and the genre as a whole.


Romance is a noble genre. Because Romance is a noble virtue. It’s mundane in the sense that most people feel romantic feelings toward an individuals or more over a lifetime. Most people have experienced passionate feelings toward another human being. It’s normal, it’s healthy, it’s everywhere….and yet…

The songs dedicated to love are as numerable as the sands on a beach. The poetry dedicated to love, the stars in the sky.

It’s sort of a funny thing, too. That people would make fun of it. Especially those on the ‘outside’, and yet if they’re lucky enough they’ve experienced it.

I’ve sought love, in my life, the way some people seek God. I find myself, often, obsessing over it. What is it? What does love mean? Why do we feel these things? How does it affect us?

And the reason for this obsession, is because I never knew love.

You may ask yourself, how can that be? How was it possible that he never knew love?

Well, MY TRUTH, is that I am a torture survivor.

I had a fundamentalistically religious father and a mentally ill mother.

And so I was sent out into the world emotionally emaciated. Because of those circumstances, I didn’t know what love was and I also didn’t know what love wasn’t. Does that make sense?

For instance, the first time I had sex with a man – because we’d had sex, meant he loved me, right? The first time I was in a relationship -I thought because he cheated on me, it was my fault. That I wasn’t doing something right and that kept me with him for three years. And when my parents were nice to me, that made up for all the times that they weren’t and I should put up with whatever they dished out. Because, you know, Christmas was always good. Marriage was for ‘those people’ because ‘they were normal’. You see my flaws in logic here?

I was, for the most part early on in my life, standing knee deep in a river and dying of thirst.

Because I had love in me all along. And once I started to love me, all the rest of that mess, had to go. And it wasn’t easy leavin’ either. I promise. It kicked and screamed and accused me of everything it could because once you tell an abuser you’ve had enough of their shit. They get mad.

But I digress.

I write romance because I love it. But I mix it with the paranormal, because I’m haunted. I’ve written and published three full length works about love and ghosts. LOL. Maybe I had better clarify that otherwise I’ll send someone off looking for ghostly erotica.

I write novels about hauntings and people falling in love in the midst of it.

Because it’s two worlds I understand. And because Romance, love, is a little paranormal. It’s a little out of the margins. It makes you do the crazy. It makes you feel like if you could just see that person again that hot white lead in your chest that’s burning you through would ease up. That that ‘elevator going down too fast’ feeling in your gut when you see them and the fact that your throat clenches, your tongue cleaving to the roof of your mouth when they speak to you making you look like the biggest fool in the world – is worth it. And normal. HA!

Love is paranormal. And I think that’s why people don’t like it. Genre snobs, I mean. Because love like the idea of ghosts – makes us vulnerable to outside influences and everyone wants to believe that they are strong. An island unto themselves. A fortress buttressed against the wiles of the world.

What they are….is full of shit.

Everyone needs love in some form or another. It’s what makes us human. That need. That desire. And it may not be erotic love you seek, that would dismiss our asexual brothers and sisters out there – but we all seek to wrap ourselves up in some form of love.

In that past, I’ve been critical of the genre. Mostly because of tropes. Tropes are rules. Rules are like Canon. Canon says it must be this and no other otherwise you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven because The Bible clearly states….and that’s how this genre stagnates itself and becomes intellectually incestuous. The pond stagnates. And that, we should avoid like the plague. Because it’s that, that allows people to say stupid shit. (I.E Anal sex is the gay version of ‘going all the way’, or to post a horrendously offensive Kinsey Scale and say yup, that’s a-ok.) Because while sociology, sexuality, anthropology, history, basic human decency, and sometimes anatomy and physiology say “Stop in the name of love, this is wrong”, Romance the genre, says it’s right.

But, outside of that (other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play), this genre has better helped me understand myself. It’s cathartic to write down your thoughts, even in fictitious writing, and discover what you think and feel about certain things. Things you’ve carried with you all your life. Things you could repeat at the drop of a hat. But there’s something about it coming out on paper (or PC/MAC word processor app) that allows you to place a value judgement on that thing. And it allows you to accept what you see to be true and reject what isn’t.

And I want to write about my life, now, especially now, that I’ve found love. And as I bask in it, I want to talk about it. And revel in it. And submerge myself in it and…. you get the idea. This once starving man is eating his belly full of love that comes from an amazing husband. A loving, doting, calm and sexy man. Who loves me. He loves me. Weird.

I recently wrote a Halloween short story called Between Us. It’s paranormal Romance about two men who love each other. One is bisexual and the other sees dead people but neither know that secret about each other. I wanted to write it because it tackles, although briefly, bisexuality which is so often dismissed in the ‘Gay for you’ trope. And I liked the pairing with a man who is gay, who loves Mr. Man back, but has a secret he’s too scared to share because he’s afraid that that love would disappear as a result of him ‘coming out’ so to speak.

And just like everything else I’ve written. I’m in there somewhere working through my own shit. Figuring out this heart of mine. Discovering my own humanity. Understanding where my passion for love comes from. Putting distance between me then and me now. Learning how to connect to the world through love and the magical power of writing books, making art, and connecting with people I’ve never met. For after all, homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto – and therein lies my salvation.

It was with me all along as it is with you.

F.E. Feeley Jr. has just released a short for Halloween which I had the pleasure of reading.

Between Us is now available.

When Jeremy, a tall, hunky, ladies man begins to explore his bisexual attractions, he realizes he loves his best friend and college roommate Roger.
Roger secretly loves Jeremy back but is holding on to a secret of his own. A terrible one.
On Halloween night both men are invited to a party where the truth of each other will be revealed in a horrific way. Will they survive a night of terror? Or will it rip them apart forever? 

Review: 4/5 There are two strands to this story. One is the secrets Jeremy and Roger keep from each other and the other is the paranormal element. However both are interlinked in this short story, with a touch of horror that F.E. Feeley Jr. excels at. I'm not going to reveal Roger's secret, because, hey, spoilers, sweetie, but I am always pleased to see more bisexual characters in the M/M Romance genre, and the uncertainty that comes with acknowledging this, from both men. Well worth reading in the run up to Halloween.

Monday morning again: Writing Plans

Good morning, my lovelies. It's Monday morning, and over two weeks since I last blogged. Since then I have come back from the Isle of Wight, looked after two sick kids for four days, got infected with their germs, spent five days feeling like I was dying, and the rest of the time trying to catch up.

What has happened since I last blogged?

Turn the Page has come out. I have a short story in this anthology to help help Suicide Prevention and Awareness programs in their area.

Ducks in a Row:  Blurb: David spends his afternoons feeding the ducks, a peaceful activity until the day Jeff and his Labrador dog burst into his life. David and Jeff get to know one another, punctuated by Bozo's mishaps, but David is unwilling to share all his secrets. Will Jeff give him the time he needs?

Morning My Angel is selling steadily, which pleases me enormously. I'm already writing Angel Enterprises #2, Goodnight My Sweetheart, and I'm aiming for a March/April 2017 release date.

The second book focuses on Cal, and his plans for the future. I don't want to say too much more because it gives away Morning My Angel.

I'm still ploughing through Alpha Barman and Magpie Lover, but the Muse is being an arse about those two. In theory, Alpha Barman will be out end of November and Magpie Lover in February.
So list as follows:

November: Alpha Barman
January: With A Kick story
February: Magpie Lover
March/April: Goodnight My Sweetheart

I'm also writing a Left at the Crossroads story with Lisa Worrall, so watch this space.

Rights Returns:

I'm getting back the Sapphire Ranch Wolves, and The Arches, over the next few months. I want to finish the Wolves series and rewrite The Arches.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Last Morning Blues

It's our last morning in the Lighthouse at Steephill Cove. We're packed and ready to leave, and none of us want to go.

Photo by Jason Dean
This has been a writing retreat, but also my holiday, with no expectations but what I chose to set myself. I managed to get my WIP to 30K with plans for what I want to do with it, plus sketch out plots for two more stories, The Long Con, and Alpha Barman 2 (title yet to be decided).

I did a lot of this. Staring out to sea, and drinking coffee. I did a lot of eating good food and drinking wine. In other words I relaxed.  I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my kids and doggies, but I've got some decisions to make. You'd think staring out at the waves would have helped, but actually most of the time my brain went lalalalalalala.

It's raining cats and dogs at the moment, and none of us are looking forward to the climb up the cliff-steps to the car. Fingers crossed by the time it comes to go, the rain will have eased.

Thank you to my friends and companions, Jason Dean and K.C. Wells, for a great week. K.C. and I have been talking about staying in the Lighthouse for a couple of years and now we've done it. We'll be back. 

Friday, 30 September 2016

Flash Giveaway - Stormin' Norman

I'm doing a flash giveaway today only (til 10pm GMT). If you've bought Morning My Angel, and would like to read Stormin' Norman where we meet Jesse for the first time, please email me at Show me some proof of purchase of Morning My Angel and I'll send you Stormin' Norman (let me know which format).


Dan had been Jesse’s partner for many years, and always there for Jesse on his return from difficult assignments. However, after breaking his promise not to leave again, Jesse learns to his cost that Dan can be pushed too far. When he returns home, broken in body and spirit, Jesse finds his house empty and Dan in the arms of someone else.

To fill his life, Jesse decides to get a dog. His friends and neighbours take him to choose a puppy. What he doesn’t expect is for Norman to choose him. As Jesse takes on a new job, with Norman’s assistance, he realises that Dan isn’t far away, and he still loves him. Dan has moved on with his life. Can Jesse do the same?