Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hair today

Do you like hair on your men? Does running your fingers through the pelt on his chest send happy shivers down your spine? Are you like me and can wax eulogies on the joys of the happy trail, rather than actually waxing. What about under the arms, and the groin area? Do you like neatly trimmed, bushy or the plucked chicken look?

Lots of questions there. So what is your answer? Me, I like a man with hair. I strongly disapprove of this trend for manscaping. I don't care how big the guy's muscles are, take away the hair and you take away an essential part of what makes him a man.

I cheer the celebrities who keep their fur; Hugh Jackman, Gerald Butler among those who are brave enough to resist the waxing strips. I have a secret thrill when I discover a star on an 'off' time with a tuft of hair poking out of his shirt. This man is normal, he is not a wax doll.

Apparently removing their hair helps to give their muscles definition. Really? In their armpits and groin too? Yes, please imagine the sarcasm in my tone. It is there. Have you see the plucked chicken look of the skin in close-ups? *shudders* Not pretty.

Start on this argument and it swiftly degenerates into the shudders about back hair and an all-over pelt. Honestly, I don't care. A man is a man and should be shown in all his glory.

Gentlemen, I celebrate your hair. I celebrate the whorls and swirls of it on your skin, and I really like stroking it. What? Every one of us can have a moment.


  1. I agree, 200%!

  2. *sigh* I love men with a little fur. So masculine and yummy. Running your fingers over it is just so nice.


  3. Oh yes, the feel of a little fur is warm and wonderful.