Saturday, 14 May 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello, this is my first inclusion for Six Sentence Sunday. It is the end of the first part of my cowboy book, Morning Report.

“Don't you dare come until I tell you, y'understand?”

Luke nodded, still not being given permission to speak, but the anticipation was almost killing him.

“I love you,” Simon whispered as he did every morning when Luke was silenced. It drove Luke mad not being able to respond, which was, of course, why the bastard did it.

All he was allowed to do was try to keep standing as Simon pounded him toward an explosive orgasm, unable to hang onto anything, unable to make a sound, unable to come until he was given permission.

Because, yeah, Luke might be the boss of the Lost Cow ranch, but in the “office,” in here, Simon was most definitely in charge. Luke fucking loved morning report.


  1. wow. really. wow.....want more!

  2. Love this book!

    Looooooove it!!!!! <3

  3. oh good lord- How have I not read this book? Off to amazon right now...

  4. Great Six, Sue. Am curious to read more.

  5. Hot but also beautiful with the I love you. So well done.

  6. You show his anticipation well. Great six!

  7. I love the morning report! Hot and promising.

    Great job. Very sexy.