Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sugar on my Saturday

A little enticement into the word of my WIPs.

The first one is Final Admission, which actually started life as a novella. When complete it will be three novellas hopefully published as one novel. This is part of the first chapter. I hope you enjoy.

Three weeks into his new job, Ethan's introduction to James Trenchard is via his co-workers description. James Trenchard is a dick and everybody knows it. Ethan is prepared to take everyone at face value but after a first meeting he will never forget, Ethan definitely agrees with them, until he learns James is hiding a secret, and one that no one would ever believe.

Final Admission


  1. Ooh very nice. Great bit.

  2. I like it! Well done.

    Now, go on and submit it! ;)

  3. More please.....