Sunday, 26 June 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Stolen Dreams

Today, I want to highlight a WIP for my Six Sentence Sunday. I'm about half way through and loving this story.

Blurb: Five years ago Elliot had a promising career and the man that had been his friend for his entire life in his arms. Then he did something stupid, really stupid, and Elliot watched Dean walk out without looking back. Now he has a successful career and a passionate man in his life. The last thing he imagines is that Dean will come back into his world and turn his life upside down. As he struggles to deal with the repercussions Elliot has to deal with the fact that he still loves Dean Evans, and that Dean still loves him as well.

Jase sighed and wriggled into Elliot’s arms. It didn’t take long for his breathing to settle, deepening as he drifted into sleep. Elliot held him close and watched the minutes on the clock on the nightstand tick by painfully slowly. For the first time in his relationship with Jase he had lied outright about something important and it gnawed at Elliot’s soul. He wanted Dean Evans; he always had and always would. That piece of his heart he had hidden away when Dean walked out was out in the open and exposed now, and Elliot wasn’t sure he would be able to hide it again.


  1. Wow, thats emotional.

    love it!

  2. Poor Elliott. That's rough. :( Very emotional six, Sue!

  3. Raw emotion. Tough position to be in. Great ink!

  4. Love this six. Sounds like Elliot is definitely headed for some angst :(

    P.S. In case I've never told you, I LOVE Nothing Ever Happens.