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Welcome to Tia Fielding

On my blog today, I'm thrilled to welcome the lovely Tia Fielding whose book, Unwind, comes out today as part of the First Time for Everything collection by Dreamspinner. 

How did you get started writing?

I learned to read and write before I went to school, so I was always reading in school while the other kids were learning how to do what I already could. I think the teacher figured it was the easiest way to make me shut up or something... It didn’t take me long to realize I could tell stories and write them down too.  Never really stopped since, though there have been breaks as long as few years, when I just didn’t feel like writing.

Was there a particular author or book that made you decide you wanted to write in the genre?  If so, who or what was it?
It’s interesting, that I didn’t really look into M/M-fiction that much before I started to write fan fiction. There I gravitated towards slash and was encouraged by the excellent writers the fandom has. Some people put down fan fiction writers, but there’s so much quality in those stories that it still blows me away. Of course there are the not-so-good stories too, but you shouldn’t judge any fandom by the worst things you find.
So yeah, I suppose other fan fiction writers made me want to write too and then gradually I realized I was tired of writing other people’s characters and wanted to write my own.

Where do you write? Does your environment have an impact on what or how you write?
I mostly write in my multi-purpose living room/bedroom, at my massive laptop. I recently bought myself a secondary, smaller laptop, which enables me to go outside and write. We’ll see how that goes when the summer gets here properly. I could use a bit of a tan for sure...
Generally it’s all about my muses, if I can’t write, it doesn’t matter where I am. Otherwise it just needs to be reasonably quiet and calm around me.

What do you love most about writing?  What do you hate about it?
I love it when writing just flows. The stories spin themselves and the characters speak to me. I also adore the little moments when I look back at something I’ve written and go “Oh, that was pretty good...” after having forgotten I’d written it in the first place.
I hate it when my ADD and my depression come in between me and my muses and I just can’t write whatever I do.

How did you come up with the title?
The story had another name originally, but there was already a story by the same name published by Dreamspinner Press, so I was asked if I had ideas. I didn’t, so I told them so, and it was supposedly going to be taken to the editor of the story, see if they had ideas. Then it just sort of hit me out of the blue later that same day, and I sent an email saying “I got it!!”. So now it’s called Unwind. And it does fit.

Can you tell us about your main character?
Even though Unwind is a short story, the characters were strong in my head. We have Sam, an ex football player, who owns and runs a pub he inherited from his grandpa, and his partner Jared, who is a police detective. They’ve been together for years, so they know each other through and through, which has its pros and cons, really, like every relationship does. 

How did you develop your plot and characters?
Unwind was originally a Christmas present to a dear friend, a fellow writer. I wrote it, turned it into fan fiction (not telling which fandom) and gave it to her. She loved it, but it always felt more like original fiction rather than fan fiction.

The original idea I had was to write something slightly daring and racy for fan fiction. Something that wasn’t covered a lot before. The said friend has a high tolerance level, so I could go all out in the subject, yet I still wanted to keep it mine, to have my own voice heard in the story. So despite the subject matter, it’s still very loving and funny, or at least I think so.

The characters...they needed to be two alpha males. Two strong people with some issues. They just formed and started to talk, and they’re really my characters, not anyone else’s, despite having had more familiar names for a while.

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now I’m working on a werewolf-themed story for the Goodreads M/M-Romance group’s Hot July Days-event. It should be fun, we authors write stories from picture and text prompts and they’re later posted on the group and compiled into an anthology that will be downloadable for free.

I’m also in the middle of a sequel for my novella. The first part will be out in July, it’s a cowboy-thing for Dreamspinner Press, and the boys just started talking to me again so I thought why not.

Aaand there are tons of others. I write several stories at the same time, but those two are taking most my brain power at the moment.

To date, what has been the best advice or words of encouragement you've received?
It wasn’t really about writing, per say, but some years ago my great aunt said something that will always stick with me. She was in her late eighties, in the hospital with incurable cancer and she had gone through some very devastating, surprising losses in her life recently.
I was visiting her and I knew in my heart that that would be the last time I’d see her alive. She really seemed okay, could still have conversations because her mind was never the problem, but her body. It was just a matter of time at that point and she knew it too, so I think that’s why she steered the conversation to more serious paths.

I can’t remember how it all went, who said what and how, but the general idea was that I shouldn’t care what other people think. I should just do my own thing, and be happy for me, not do things for others to make them happy.

That was something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. She was right, by the way. After I realized writing was what I wanted to do and I gave myself to it, I’ve felt happier.
What are three things about you that would surprise your fans?
I usually get the surprised reaction when I tell people English isn’t my first language.
Then, because I mainly write M/M-fiction, they might be surprised by the fact that I’ve never even kissed a man and I identify as a lesbian.
Third thing... I don’t really know. Maybe they’ll tell me if something surprises them?

Where can we find you on the web?
I have a blog on blogger, and at the moment my main URL ( takes you to it. Later, once my website is ready, I’ll change it so that the URL takes you to the front page of the website and the blog is linked there separately.
I’m also on Facebook (Tia Fielding), Twitter (@tiafielding), Tumblr ( inspiration archives, a very NSFW-picture collection) and of course, Goodreads (
Yes, I’m a social media-junkie. Obviously. :)

Tia's Bio:

Tia Fielding lives in a peaceful little town in a small country in northern Europe. She loves nature, her horses, cats, and even the yappy little thing that occasionally gets called a dog. Tia learned to read before she went to school at the age six and began writing as soon as she figured she had stories to tell around the mature age of seven. Stories about horses, adventures, and ghosts might have turned into hot GLBTQ-romance, but she still has a wicked imagination and, hopefully, more stories to tell.


Pub owner Sam and detective Jared have been together long enough to know each other through and through, so when the usually wordy Jared sends a clipped text message to Sam saying he’ll be late, Sam knows something’s wrong. If Jared is in a foul mood and wrapped up in a case that’s gone to court, he’ll be insufferable for who knows how long! Without some serious unwinding, their upcoming anniversary celebration might be ruined, so Sam plans something completely different for the evening: a foray that will take their lovemaking farther than ever before. With some luck and a little gentle coaxing, Jared should be unwound in no time.


It was half past six when I heard the key in the lock. I was standing in the doorway between the little hall and the main room that opened up to serve as everything but bedroom and bathroom. I had prepared a little, showered, re-dressed in very low-riding pair of jeans and a very, very thin and tight tank top. It showed off every muscle I’d stubbornly held on to even after my pro football career had stopped before it had time to take off properly. It was the usual story, various injuries and then realizing I was gay. There was no point in trying when I had known I wasn’t ready to be an out pro athlete, even if my knee could miraculously heal and hold up for the duration of my career.

The things I had added after getting away from the locker rooms were my piercings: eyebrow and both nipples. I was contemplating having my tongue done next. The ink I had, discreet but still there to be seen when I had no clothes on, had been there since my high school days. Now that I stood there, waiting for my partner to step through the door, I felt oddly self-conscious. This wasn’t something I had done before, not really. We’d been rough and we’d been controlling, but not quite like this.
“Sam?” Jared breathed, startled, as soon as he laid his eyes on me. The confusion was written all over his tired and frustrated face, but when he took in my appearance, a grin slowly spread to his full lips.
“You’re awfully late,” I pointed out and watched as he put away his coat and shoes.
“Yeah, sorry about that. It was just… the Jenks case, you know? Didn’t go as we thought…,” he said and stepped forward, reaching for me.

The confusion was back as soon as I stepped to the side, out of his reach.

He frowned. “Wha…?”

“Quiet. Before you start snapping at me.”

“I won’t—” he said, and before he had time to react, I had pushed him against the wall next to the doorway he had just stepped through.

“Shut up, Jared. Now,” I said in a low tone, my lips close to his ear. As I pulled back, he looked at me with wide eyes, and I could tell he was thinking very hard.

We weren’t into power play, mostly because we were both too strong-willed to play with such things. Even though we loved each other, we could butt heads sometimes when neither wanted to back down. Taking that sort of thing into our bedroom was out of the question. Now, that didn’t mean we couldn’t be subtle about such things.

Jared swallowed and then nodded.

“Now, go put your gun and badge away and get out of those clothes. They smell like the City Hall. Take a shower and go lay on the middle of the bed.” My tone was clipped on purpose.
I could see Jared’s pupils dilate, and he swallowed again. Damn, the boy was going to be easy… for now.

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