Thursday, 7 July 2011

Websites that you really should visit.

You may wonder why I posted this site. If you are wondering I think you may be blind. I stumbled across Dan on my Daily Inspiration's blog. After bemoaning the lack of intimacy on male/male covers, my wonderful cover artist struggled to find me stock photos of men holding each other for Nothing Ever Happens, one of my Facebook friends pointed me in the direction of Dan's website.

What I love about Dan's photo's are the little moments, the snuggles and eye contact that is so lacking normally. Thank you, Dan. I adore your photos and am so pleased I found you.


  1. I'm a big fan of Dan's work, too. I love the feelings he captures and the thought he puts into the scenes. Just lovely.

  2. Thank you for including me in your blog list sweetie. When are you going to guest blog for me? And btw, I ADORE Dan Skinner. His stuff is so real and sensuous. Fantastic blog post. Thank you.


  3. Boy I must of not been firing on all cylinders when you posted the note about the lack of m/m parings for your book covers. I have seen Dan Skinner's work before and when I checked I even had save his web address in my bookmarks list. I probably have a few more somewhere I can dig out for you. Another artist that does wonderful artwork is named, The Theban Band. Granted a lot of the work that is created are characters from the media i.e. books, TV and movies. It's called Slash artwork. They pair together characters that we normally wouldn't think to put together. An example is Clark Kent and Lex Luthor from the TV series Smallville. is the original web site. It no longer gets updated. Although there is artwork to view. You can now visit the artist over at Deviantart.