Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Nod to Torquere

Torquere Press are celebrating their 8th anniversary in September. Torquere published the first erotica book I read, two short years ago - Chris Owen's Bareback

I thought it would be a good idea just to pimp my own stories with them.

Prey TimeTwo men are checking Jeff out before he even enters the club. They're a real pretty picture, Blue Eyes with his back pressed against Green Eyes' chest as they watch him get a drink. He waits to see what they do. If they want him, he'll play, but first they have to ask nicely. Jeff is the top, the one in control. Except Jeff soon finds out he isn't. The little man with the snapping blue eyes is definitely the puppet master here.

Mr. Plum: Dave picks up coffee every morning at the train station on his way to work. He can't help but notice when the man in front of him is given a plum-colored cup holder, as it goes perfectly with his own tie. There are other things he can't help but notice, like how hot "Mr. Plum" is. 

Twisted Creature: Homeless and unemployed, Chris is tired, hungry and soaked to the skin. He finds an empty house to shelter in, and settles in, waiting for the rain to stop. Just like Chris, this house holds a secret. Finding a yellowing newspaper, he discovers the house was scene of a double homicide, the death of a gay couple ten years previously.

Going to sleep in the derelict house, Chris wakes up to the sight of a gorgeous man standing over him, offering him breakfast. A dead guy is offering him breakfast, cooked by his equally gorgeous, equally dead partner in a house that is no longer ruined. Can he accept the offer, even though he knows it's wrong?

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