Saturday, 29 October 2011

Shout-out: New Releases from my Friends

Forever Dusk by Lisa Worrall
Jonah reluctantly agrees to go to Forever Dusk, a theme club for wannabe vampires. Five minutes is long enough until he catches the violet gaze of the mysterious owner, Sebastian. Inexplicably drawn to the mysterious stranger, Jonah makes a decision that could change his life forever.
Self-confessed horror fan Jonah reluctantly agrees to accompany best friend Theo and his latest squeeze to a new club downtown. Dressing up like an Anne Rice reject was not part of the deal, but that's exactly how he finds himself outside Forever Dusk--the latest theme club for wannabe vampires.
After watching a fake vampire sinking his fake fangs into fake skin and drinking fake blood, and warding off an attempted assault by a drunk moron sporting fake contacts, Jonah decides to beat a hasty retreat.
Until he gazes into the beautiful, violet-colored eyes of Sebastian O'Keefe, the club's owner. Inexplicably drawn to this vision of tall, dark, and mysterious, Jonah makes a decision that could change his life forever.

Paws on Me by Silvia Violet

Lieutenant Seth Morrison loves being a cop, but with budget cuts and crime both on the rise, he's stopped making time for anything but his job.
On the outside, Brandon Lord is an easy-going, flirtatious club owner. On the inside he's a man trying to overcome a difficult past.
When a murder investigation brings the two men together, passion roars to life. They're both willing to break the rules to be together. Because as mismatched as they might seem, each man is exactly what the other needs.

Artistic Appeal by Andrew Grey

Brian Watson knows close friends Gerald Young and Dieter Krumpf have an ulterior motive when they invite him to their Christmas party. Brian has taken over the case to secure the return of the famous painting called The Woman in Blue to Dieter, but they don’t want Brian to be all work and no play. They intend to set him up with a friend, but he’s not who catches Brian’s eye. Instead, it’s Nicolai, the deaf art restorer caring for the works already returned to Dieter.

But pursuing Nicolai won’t be easy. A year ago Nicolai had to fight to regain his independence after a bad break-up, and he’s reluctant to give up his freedom a second time. Plus, Brian has competition in Justin, Nicolai’s ex, who wants him back badly.

Nicolai’s reluctance isn’t the only roadblock. Brian was married to a woman for almost ten years. Now he has to confess to his mother, his ex-wife, and his young daughter that he loves a man—all while conducting a potentially groundbreaking court case and trying to convince Nicolai that love isn’t about co-dependence, it’s about support.

Right Street, Wrong House By Pender Mackie

Lewis goes to a Halloween party to get over his feelings for his friend Dylan. At the party, Lewis discovers the real reason Dylan holds himself back. But Lewis has a surprise for Dylan. They’re more compatible than Dylan thinks.
Lewis is in love with his best friend Dylan and he knows Dylan feels something, too, even if he refuses every advance Lewis has ever made. After six years of waiting and hoping, Lewis reluctantly decides it's time to move on. An invitation to a Halloween party appears to be the perfect opportunity to meet someone new and maybe get over his unrequited feelings for Dylan.
Lewis soon realizes he's attending a very different kind of party and inadvertently discovers that Dylan may have a secret that is keeping them apart. But Lewis has secrets too, and the two friends may be more compatible than either of them realized. Now all Lewis has to do is show Dylan just how good they can be together.

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