Monday, 31 October 2011

Welcome to Lindsay Klug

I'm always excited to have someone new guest-blogging, and this Halloween, it's the very talented Lindsay Klug.

Over to you, Lindsay.

Thanks for having me out today, Sue!

Recently, I was asked where the idea for my Halloween release came from. The question took me back for a moment. Billie actually evolved several times. She started out as a novel length story about a girl and a werewolf, but I lost my focus on that one. So we scratched half and started over from the third chapter, where it morphed into a thriller featuring a biker gang and kidnapping. But that flared off into its own direction and kept coming back to paranormal elements.
Sometimes, the story knows what it wants and damned if you can change the course.
 And so we scrapped the whole damn thing, save for the first page, and started over. Billie wrote herself the third time around, and voila! Siege of Shadows was born.
The only trouble I had was dead in the center of the book. There’s a scene meant to be terrifying and I just pondered it for days and days. Finally, in the throes of insomnia, it hit me.
What if…
You’re lying in bed one night, awoken by a sudden noise. You sit up and glance around, but don’t see anything. With a sigh, you lay back down and rub your eyes. A car drives by outside, its headlights flashing through your bedroom for just a moment, and that when you notice them.
The eyes.
They’re on the ceiling, staring down at you – unblinking, unwavering, focused. A chill shoots across your skin as the light fades and your eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness. As another car drives by, you see the thing again. It’s a man, pressed close to the ceiling. His head swivels to catch your eye and he smiles. The razor sharp teeth he bares glint in the brief light and he scuttles away into the shadows, a horrifying human cockroach attached to your wall.
Just as you open your mouth to scream, invisible ropes lock you down. You struggle feebly against them, fighting the certainty of death, and freeze as a hand shoots over the bed and grips your ankle. The creature’s sharp claw sinks into your skin and blood drips onto the sheets as his greedy tongue flips out and catch the flow.
Like a mountain climber, he uses his talons to latch into your tender skin and pull himself along the length of your body until his rancid breath is hot against your cheek. The stench of death and putrid rot fills your nose as he licks your cheek roughly.
He says nothing, but throws his head forward and pounds teeth like knives into your throat. The scream finally finds its way out of your throat.
And then you wake up.
Come find out how Billie handled a situation very similar to this. Only she was haunted every time she fell asleep.

Siege of Shadows:

A neighbor, arrested, covered in his wife’s blood. A wolf stalking her. To top it all off, the new neighbor is trying to kill her—in her nightmares.
Billie is having one hell of a time with the new guy on the block. She can’t decide if she hates him or wants to take him to bed, for starters. And every time she dreams about him, she wakes up with dried blood on her body.
There’s only one explanation, but even Billie thinks she’s crazy for believing it. No way is her neighbor trying to kill her…

Lindsay Klug is also the proud author of The Life And Times of Delila, What I’ve Learned, and By Blood, Bound (November 3rd). She can be reached by email at, on Twitter @infidelqueen, at, and on Facebook!

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