Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday Snark: Complete Faith

My entry to Marie Sexton's weekly snark. This is from my WIP, Complete Faith, the sequel to Morning Report.

Chuck came out of the barn. “Horses and chickens are in, and the yearling’s doing fine.”
“Thanks, Chuck. Do you want a cup? We could use your input as you were there today.”
“No thanks. I’ve got a date tonight, and she’ll be furious if I’m late.”
Tommy’s jaw dropped. Chuck had a date? He looked around the men to see them equally astounded. In the whole time he’d lived on the Lost Cow, he’d never known Chuck to show any interest in a woman, or man come to that.
“You have a date?” Luke asked, sounding as astonished as Tommy felt.
Chuck rolled his eyes. “Yes, I have a date. No, you didn’t know before. Yes, I like her and no, I’m not telling you who it is.” He waved at them as he walked towards the bunk house.
“Oh Chuck, say hello to Shelley for me,” Noah said, as they all followed Luke into the house.
Tommy turned around at the choking sound coming from Chuck. The deputy foreman was bright red.
“Shelley?” Simon raised an eyebrow. “As in waitress, Shelley? As in the wonderful woman at the diner, Shelley?”
During the dark days of Greg’s illness, Shelley, a waitress in the diner close to the hospital, mothered Luke and his family. When Luke’s mother introduced Noah to the family, they discovered Shelley was his aunt by marriage. Later on, they found out she was a widow.
Chuck glowered at Noah. “You just couldn’t resist, could you?”
Noah stared back innocently. “I just wanted you to say hi to my aunt.”
“Well, well.” Luke smirked at Chuck.
“’M goin’.” Chuck huffed as he walked away. 


  1. Hi Sue! Big *hugs*! I cannot wait for this sequel. :)

  2. Okay, I have to admit, I'm still slightly distracted by that coffee image in the upper left-hand corner, but: :D

  3. @Sharon Me neither lol
    @Alex I do love my coffee man

  4. Ha! I love "uh-oh, busted" snark!

  5. Oh man this is sounding soooooo good *grins* Come on April..get here fast.