Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday Snark

I have been off the radar blog-wise thanks to edits and writing commitments. Naughty Sue. Must do better. I thought I'd do a Saturday Snark, courtesy of Marie Sexton

This is a snarky snippet from my forthcoming novella, Light of Day, the sequel to Night Porter. A NSFW snippet.

He jumped as Chris slammed his fist down on the Formica table.
“Too fucking right it is! Are you a total fucking moron? What did I tell you? What were my rules?
“Don’t look, don’t touch, and definitely don’t fondle the merchandise,” Max quoted obediently.
“They were rules 2, 3 and 4. What was rule no.1?”
Max pressed his lips together. He wasn’t a fucking child and he didn’t need to be pulled over Chris’ knee in public for a spanking.
“The first rule, Max. After the last fucking time you got yourself into this state? What was the first rule?”
“If they’ve got a dick, don’t offer them a seat in the cubbyhole.”
Chris tapped the table with his fingernail. “And what did you do?”
“Invited him into the cubbyhole.”
“And what did he have?”
“A big, thick dick. It was just a shame he didn’t get the chance to shove it into my cubbyhole.” Max said crudely, but he was unable to prevent the flush at the memory of exactly where he had shoved it. 


  1. Bwahahaha!! Love it!

  2. ooooh, nice. Now I want to read this book to find out what happened. When does it come out?

  3. Hi Dakota,

    The first novella in which the actual event takes place is Night Porter (click pic on the right hand side). The sequel, Light of Day, is out Feb/Mar time, which is a resolution to the whole story.

    Sue xx

  4. Not just a dick. A BIG, THICK one! Ha! And Yum!