Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday Snark

Once again, I'd thought I'd snark along with Marie Sexton, and lots of wonderful authors. Do go and check them out during the day.

Final Admission is spoilt for choice for snark. Here is a snippet.

"Much as I like the free porn, your time is up, boys."
James groaned into Ethan's mouth, pulling back as if it hurt him. "Can't you go and work somewhere else today, Lulu?"
"No, I can't," she said. "And you have a meeting in ten minutes as well. Coffee time is over."
Stepping back from Ethan, James shook himself like a dog coming out of a lake after a long swim. "Slave-driver." He winked at Ethan.
Ethan hadn't recovered the powers of speech. He stood up, wondering if he looked as dazed as he felt.
James looked at him and started laughing. "Damn, I didn't mean that to happen," he said. "I was going to go slow and get to know you again. Things got a bit out-of-hand."
"No shit, Sherlock," Ethan mumbled, flushing bright red as he looked at his boss. "Is there any chance that I look like I've been in a meeting?"
"If by meeting, you mean one that makes you look like you've been fucking six ways to Sunday, then yes, you look like you've been in a meeting."


  1. Ha! I love it!
    I can't wait to read it. (roll on pay day)

  2. Gee, don't hold back, tell us how he really looks! *falls down*

  3. If I were Lulu I'd have kept my mouth shut and kept watching. Just saying.