Sunday, 1 January 2012

Completed Stories Round up

Light of Day (sequel to Night Porter): due to be published by Dreamspinner 31st January 2012.
Max was convinced his shift would never end. By the time he finally got out of The Crescent Hotel , the London evening weather matched his mood. It was raining hard again, water seeping down the back of his neck. As Max trudged home, his mind wasn’t on the weather but the sight of Robert’s large frame walking out of the hotel room toward his future. A future that didn’t include Max.
He stopped as he reached the top floor of his building. Robert was slumped on the floor, his back against the front door of the studio apartment. He was the last person Max expected to see, wet and shivering, on his doorstep. The man should be at his reception, celebrating his wedding to his beautiful bride, Evie. Robert’s eyes were closed and he didn’t seem to notice who was beside him until Max knelt down.
“Hey.” Max laid a hand on his arm, squeezing lightly.
Opening his eyes, Robert gave a wan smile when he saw Max kneeling beside him. “Hey.” He had aged five years since their confrontation that morning, his eyes bloodshot and swollen and his skin pale under his summer tan.
“Robert….” Max started to speak, wanting to know if Robert was here for him or here because he had nowhere else to go.
“Not now, Max, please? I’ve just dumped my fiancĂ©e at the altar with no real explanation. It’s been just about the shittiest day of my life. I need to sleep and I’d like to sleep with you, if you’ll let me?” He sounded so weary, his Texan accent deeper, and because Max was weak and stupid, he opened the door and let Robert back into his life.
They stripped off their clothes and climbed into the small bed, Max pulling Robert’s head down onto his chest, ignoring the fact that his long and straggly hair was still damp. Robert burrowed into him like he was trying to hide. Max stroked the long line of Robert’s back and kissed the top of his head.
Rain pattered down against the skylight, but Max felt warm and happy in his bed, even as quiet tears soaked into his skin. He tightened his hold on Robert and waited for the storm to pass.

The Layered Mask (Masquerade, in collaboration with Lisa Worrall and Patricia Logan) to be published by Silver Publishing on February 4th.
Threatened by his father with disinheritance, Lord Edwin Nash is sent to London for one season to find a wife. In London, Nash discovers he is the lamb, the sacrifice of the society matrons, to be shackled to one of the girls by the end of the season.
At a masquerade ball, Nash hides in a study to avoid the ladies vying for his attention. He is discovered by Lord Thomas Downe, the Duke of Lynwood, the handsome stranger that Nash had met the day before. Nash is horrified when Thomas calmly tells him that he knows the secret that Nash had hidden for years and that he sees through the mask that Edwin presents to the rest of the world. As Nash shares a secret dance and kiss, he slowly relaxes in Downe’s company.
While Nash plays the dutiful lamb to society, Downe introduces Nash to other men like himself, and he realises he is not alone. Then his father demands that Nash return, engaged to be married, and Nash realises his time with Downe is coming to an end. 

Stolen Dreams to be published by Silver Publishing on 30th March.

In a moment of madness, Morgan cheated on his best friend and lover, and Shae walked out without looking back. Five years on and Morgan has a new life. He is engaged to a tempestuous young actor, Jase, and his career as a assistant movie director is thriving. The last thing Morgan expects is for Shae to walk back into his life.

Complete Faith (sequel to Morning Report) submitted to Dreamspinner (contract just received) - publishing date April/May 2012.

Tommy, a hand on the Lost Cow Ranch, is caught between a rock and a hard place. Noah, the pastor of St, Mark's has made his attraction to Tommy very plain, but he won't take their relationship any further until Tommy comes out to his parents. His homophobic parents. On the one hand, Tommy wants to be honest for the first time in his life. On the other, he knows that there is a good chance his parents will reject him and he isn't sure he can handle that. Tommy's head is spinning, and then there are his feelings for Luke...

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  1. So many wonderful stories to look forward to in 2012! I am so happy for you Sue. xo