Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My fascination with cowboys continues

Now it's no surprise to know that my love of cowboys is not decreasing as time goes by, and I'm already planning book number three in the Morning Report series.

Of course, I'm a Londoner and I've had to spend a lot of time researching ranches in Texas, and cattle ranching in particular. God bless Google. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to travel to Texas to get first hand experience. Not yet anyway.
So I picked my cattle - Black Angus and then I worked out how I wanted to kill them. I know, I'm horrible. I have to say I know more about salt poisoning than I ever thought I would. Poor cattle.

Sometimes cowboy stories seem to forget that they are on a ranch. I wanted the animals to be involved, especially the ones Luke hates. Yup, in Complete Faith, Luke's dislike of the feathered ones continues.

But of course the bulk of the story lies around the hot, hot cowboys; tight arses, meaty thighs and all male.

Morning Report  is the start of my series celebrating hot cowboys walking hand in hand into the sunset.

A decade on from their first kiss, Luke Murray is more in love with Simon every day. Running the Lost Cow ranch for Luke’s parents, they keep their heads down and get along with the locals, even if Luke is known for being a hothead. Then one day they discover the local store owners refuse to serve them.

They’re bewildered until Luke’s mom tells them the new pastor has targeted the couple in his sermons. Suddenly Luke and Simon find themselves alienated from people they called friends, and their ranch comes under a series of attacks. As the town’s hatred and homophobia turns on them, Luke and Simon will face a critical choice: give in to the town’s demands and disappear, or stand and fight for themselves and their love.


  1. Wow, I loved this. I love cowboys too...they are not only hot but usually very sweet gentleman(in Love the pictures, thanks for the pick me up. :)

  2. *sigh* I loved Morning Report! And if you have two more books planned, all I can say is, Yippee Ki Yay!!