Monday, 9 January 2012

The Night Porter Wakes Up

In The Night Porter the first time Max lays eyes on Robert Armitage, he knows exactly what he wants to happen. Tall, broad, and gorgeous, Robert pushes all his buttons. When Robert asks Max to show him around town, the attraction between them only intensifies. But Max is just a night porter and Robert a guest at his hotel before his wedding, and Max knows even as they sleep together that in the morning he'll have to send the groom on his way

In Light of Day Max’s heart is broken when Robert left, and so he runs home to Texas. When Robert’s marriage fails, Max waits for Robert to come looking for him, and waits….

A year later, Max’s dreams come true and Robert finds him, but there’s a catch, and Max has to decide if he wants Robert enough to be satisfied with hiding their relationship.


  1. Cannot wait to read this. :)

  2. Oh... Super excited to read this!