Sunday, 8 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I haven't done a Six Sentence Sunday for a while but with the release of Masquerade coming up, I have a few words to show you.


Struggling against the urge to pull Nash hard against him, Downe hummed the music to a slow waltz. They started dancing, Nash only taking a short while to grasp the simple steps, and suddenly Downe could see why the waltz was thought of as scandalous. They weren't touching except for their hands, but it was so intimate, a few inches between them instead of the width of a line. For once, Downe thought the moral brigade may have had the right idea. Being able to hold your partner so close was… he struggled to find the right word… sensuous. He was aware of every part of Nash’s lithe body, from the curls of his dark hair around his temple to his shapely legs almost, but not quite, pressed up against his.


  1. Damn! It is release day yet???

  2. I love dance, and that was hot!

  3. I love that scene. So much emotion with so few sentences. ... and imagine how the Waltz was so very naughty in the Regency period. Women were only allowed to dance two waltz's at any given ball. If they tripped up and danced 3, they were branded whores by the matrons and their prospect of a good high-born marriage was lost forever. Great job, babe!