Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sue's Muse: I thought I was Writing For A Living?

I have always been someone who takes on a million and one things at any one time. I've been in the school PTA, helped with the Brownies and the church. Some of them I loved, some I hated with a vengeance but I always seemed to be doing something.

But over the past couple of years the activities have changed. I have been trying to complete my theology course, work part-time, look after my family and dog, and write for a living.

Of course that worked just peachy and my health went tits up. Life had to be rationalised to a manageable level. Work was the first to go. I managed to replace my earnings with the royalties from writing. Wasn't that exciting!

Last year was a year of two halves. The first half I was writing my dissertation (undergrad - UK system), and the second half I was writing and editing 24/7. Because of the fact I started my course part way through the academic year I was due to finish December 2011 but I was so busy writing I messed up one module.

So here we have the start of 2012. Thanks to my wonderful stepmother, I thought at this point I'd just be writing for a year. Just writing and kids.

This is the point for hysterical laughter!

My family and dog are my first priority. My kids are developing a social life. When did that happen? I am now the taxi. I am ten points away from finishing my uni degree so I have to do another module. My kids were sick for the first two weeks of the year. Fortunately they are teenagers and didn't wake up before midday. I'm also helping out an elderly  family member twice a week on an ongoing basis.

Where the heck is my writing time? Ironically here I had to pause to pick up my son.

I know discipline is the key. Forget about Facebook for a while. I'll keep at it. I have deadlines and I want to meet them. I'm just not sure how at the moment *whimper*.

p.s. I have a vacancy for a secretary, cook, and cleaner. I've given up looking for a partner - there's just no time.

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  1. Wish I lived in the UK. I'd sign up to be your secretary, cook and cleaner.

    You are such an amazing person, my friend.

    Hugs & Love,