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Welcome to Jamieson Wolf: The Genesis of Shadows

I have spent the past hour rambling over Jamieson's website. I am completely awed at the variety of genres he can cover. When I grow up I want to be like him!

Over to you, Jamieson.

Reaping Shadows started with an idea: What if a shadow was more than it seemed? What if our shadows, those oblong shapes that follow us, were alive? What if they had a function other than shadowing our living bodies?

From there, the idea grew. You can’t have a story without characters and those characters can’t move within the story without motivation. Darion came to me immediately and I knew that he would be death. Not Death, with a capital D, but one of many who were responsible for claiming the souls of those ready to pass on.

His Shadow would seek out those souls and Darion would follow. But what would happen if Darion found a soul he could not bare to take? What if he found a mortal who could see him and his Shadow? That’s where Kale came in.

The original story was only about 3,000 words or so. It didn’t delve too deep into who the characters were, but it was a hot love scene with kind of a Romeo and Juliet feel. I thought I was done with the story and that I could move on to something else.

However, when I submitted it to Breathless Press, I was told that it would have to be 10,000 words or over. So I found myself faced with a challenge and a question: I would have to write more of the story, but what would happen?

Never being one to shy away from a challenge, I set to work rewriting Reaping Shadows. The results surprised even me. Now, not only was Kale just a love interest, he was a player in a dangerous game inside of a dark underworld he had no knowledge of. The novel is told from Darion’s point of view; how to show Kale’s transformation through someone else’s eyes?

There had been a year between the first writing of Reaping Shadows and the rewrite. It was like discovering old friends again and I discovered more as I went along. The story within Reaping Shadows was not plotted, so a lot of it surprised me. However, I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Not only did I build characters, a system of Reaping, I built a world in which my characters could come to life in. As I wrote, I was constantly surprised, awed and thrilled. I can only hope you feel the same way when you read the novel.

You can get your copy here at Breathless Press

And DO let me know if you enjoy it. Without anyone to write for, writing would be half as much fun. 

Jamieson's bio: Jamieson has been writing since a young age when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school. Since then, he has created many worlds in which to live his fantasies and live out his dreams.
He is a Number One Best Selling Author (He likes to tell people that a lot) and writes in many different genre's. 
Jamieson is also an accomplished artist. He works in mixed media, charcoal and pastels. He is also something of an amateur photographer.
He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his cat, Mave, who thinks she's people.

You can email Jamieson or follow him on Facebook or TwitterYou can also check out his blog on Tumblr.

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