Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welcome to Josie: A Reader that every author wants

On my blog I have invited many authors to promote their books, but this time I have invited Josie, who is a confirmed bookaholic. She has introduced me to so many authors... yes, you S.A Meade, and Marie Sexton and Mary Calmes. Josie is the reader who introduced me to Bailey Bradford and Kim Dare and a love of shifter stories. She introduced me to CB Conway and Jet Mykles. As for BDSM... I could go on and on and on. Instead, why don't I hand over to Josie, and let her do the talking.

Over to Josie...

Hello I'm Josie. Over at Goodreads and on FB I am known as Josie Goodreads.

I am flattered that the wonderful Sue Brown has asked me to write about my taste in books, and what I look for in a book, but first of all I have to make an announcement……….I'm a bookaholic……….there I’ve said it. 

I buy 100s of books every year and read about 1 in every 10. I do plan to read all the books I buy, it's just before I've finished one book another gorgeous new cover is winking at me, and a tantalising blurb is whispering ‘buy me’ in my ear, then before you know it another book has appeared on my Kindle! So before I get started I wanted to say a big heartfelt sorry to every author who has spotted tons of their books on my TBR list at Goodreads, I will get around to reading them eventually, I promise.
I read exclusively m/m Fiction; I first discovered this back in 2009 when I was hunting for a Queer as Folk fan fic story which had been published. Prior to that I didn't know original m/m fiction existed, suddenly a whole new world of fiction opened up for me, this arrived at the same time as my first e-reader, a lovely Sony PRS505, and the world was suddenly my oyster.

The first book I ever bought was Impacted by Mickie B Ashling, (not the story I was hunting for btw) which shamefully is still unread today. Do I have the sequel, yes, of course, which leads me to my next big weakness...sets of books…series, I love a series, and invariably I'll buy all the books in a series, as they come out, before I've even read the first book!
As for my taste in books, well, m/m fiction has opened me up to a hither unknown direction for me, BDSM. I don’t read exclusively BDSM, but I do gravitate to that genre, which is something I didn’t realise at first. I also find I tend to stay with authors I know and love authors such as Sue Brown; she has three books in my top ten, Nothing Ever Happens, Chance to be King, and Morning Report. I adore Sue as she writes the most amazing angsty stories, she doesn’t shy away from the tricky subjects such as Infidelity (Nothing Ever Happens), Religious bigotry and Homophobia (Morning Report) and Domestic Abuse (Final Admission), yet all her books have a ‘Happy Ever After’, I need that in a book, well all except one, I still haven’t read Night Porter, I can’t until I have her much anticipated sequel in my sticky little paws. Light of Day is due out on 1st Feb from Dreamspinner. Mine is already pre ordered so I’ll start Night Porter a few days before the release date, that way I can run straight from one book to the other.
Apart from BDSM I love shifter stories, wolves, lions, were-cats, and let’s not forget cowboys, detectives, whatever really my taste in books is very wide, as long as I get my happy ever after I can read almost anything. Authors like Sue and all the other authors I read have opened up my world of fiction and given me so much pleasure I can’t imagine a time before m/m books. I have always read but before I discovered m/m books my world was full of Kings and Queens and Dragons and Warlocks, now it’s full of gorgeous hunky men, rose tinged futures, all fed with a healthy dose of angst….I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you Sue for letting me lose on your blog, it’s been a pleasure, and for anyone still reading here I’ll see you over on Goodreads or on Facebook. 


  1. Sue, what a brilliant idea, turning your blog over to Josie.

    Josie, I have nothing but gob-smacked admiration for the amount of books you and others read. Talk about voracious!!! It makes me whimper when I look at my 'To be Bought' pile, which grows ever bigger when I read readers' reviews and blogs.

    Thanks for supporting the m/m genre. I'm so glad there are readers like you 'out there'

  2. Thanks for letting me on your blog Sue I loved writing my piece. I've just realised Light of Day is out next week! I need to make a start on Night Porter.....catch you later

  3. Wow sounds like me. I probably buy too many books because I don't read them all at the time I buy them. Like Josie said another book will catch my eye and also my mood will change so a book that I've bought earlier I will want to read another book instead, lol I also read just m/m right now. I probably belong at the meetings because that's all I do besides being on the computer is read, read and do some more reading. It's always nice to meet others with my habit;-) It's a great habit to have and I'm so glad there are so many authors to choose from. They keep my habit going...Great blog by the way;-)