Thursday, 26 January 2012

Welcome to Theo Fenraven, JD and Kellan.

Theo Fenravens's interview is a new one for me. He is being interviewed by his characters, Kellan and JD from "Numbers".

Over to you, Kellan and JD.

Kellan: I'll start by thanking you for writing me so beautifully.
JD: For chrissakes, tiptoe around the guy, why don't you. *fixes Theo with a sharp eye* Let's just get into it, shall we? Where did you get the idea for the story?
Theo: *somewhat taken aback* I probably shouldn't have made you so mouthy, JD. If I ever write you again, I will rectify that.
JD: *irrepressible as always* Promises, promises. So, the idea? Did it fall out of a window like a drugged cat and bonk you on the head?
Theo: It actually started out as fanfic. I used to write it, back in the day, and it was probably my most popular work. After my first ebook was released, I took a long look at some of those pieces to see which ones could be adapted for publication, and the banter between you two was outstanding. It made me smile and laugh every time I read it, so I changed everything else and lucky for us all, it worked well enough that Dreamspinner took a chance on it.
Kellan: My only complaint with our story is that it's too short, but I admit the flow is excellent. Is the original still online somewhere?
Theo: Uh, no. All my previous work has been moved offline, just in case I decide I can plunder any more of it. ;/
JD: The idea of throwing out numbers as reasons why two people shouldn't get together is clever. How long did it take you to complete?
Theo: About two hours. I got the idea, starting writing, and it poured out in one piece. I don't even remember doing much editing to it.
Kellan: Are you always so fortunate?
Theo: Hell, no. Writing is hard for me. Real work. If I produce a thousand words a day, I'm well pleased with myself.
JD: So what are you working on now, and can I be in it?
Theo: *grins at JD* Dreamspinner just accepted a romantic thriller set in Florida centering around a major league baseball player who complicates his life in ways I'm not currently at liberty to say.
JD: *snorts* In other words, if you want to know, buy the book.
Theo: Release date is set for June or July, so you don't have all that long to wait. The working title is "The Blue Paradise."
Kellan: "Blue River" was released just last month. How's that doing for you? And do you have some strange attraction to the word 'blue'?
Theo: It got an 'A' rating at Brief Encounters and I've received positive reader feedback, so I guess it's doing okay, and no, I like the color blue but I don't fall asleep dreaming of it. Can I ask a question? *they nod* Are you two still together?
JD: It's how you left us, so of course we are. I think you should write another story about us because, let's face it, we are amusing as hell and I think readers would like to know more about our sizzling hot love affair. Whaddaya say?
Theo: *raises an eyebrow* I'll consider it, but don't hold your breath.
JD: We can't hold our breath. We're figments of your imagination. Sheesh.
You can find Theo's ebooks at MLRPress, Dreamspinner Press, and they're available (except for "Numbers") at Amazon and Barnes&Noble for your e-readers.

Theo's Bio: Theo Fenraven grew up in rural Ohio, and so, early writing featured horses, cows, and pirates in tree houses. An occasional cowboy or astronaut sometimes showed up by accident. Then he hit puberty and everything changed. His focus shifted to love, romance, and sex, and it's pretty much remained there ever since. He currently lives in NYC, has an okay job doing relatively unimportant things, and writes every chance he gets. His stories now reflect the drama and adventure of people exploring themselves and others. He apologizes in advance if the occasional cowboy or astronaut show up.

twitter: @fenraven


  1. JD reminds me of someone. Can't put my finger on it... Mouthy, charming, energetic. *snickers*

    I want you to write more to satisfy my curiosity about what JD's like in bed. What can I say? I'm nosy.

  2. Maybe someday, I'll revisit these two. Until then, this will have to satisfy you. :)