Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sue's Muse:

When I first started writing M/M romance it was in fanfic; the Torchwood fandom to be more precise. At that point it was a tiny, mainly British fandom and in hindsight, a good place to learn my craft, but also to learn about life outside the narrow parameters of straight television.

Think about it. Most of the characters were bisexual, even Gwen having her lesbian kiss. More than that, John Barrowman, an openly gay actor with a gorgeous boyfriend, was not exactly reticent about his lifestyle, and thank God for that. He opened my eyes to the fact that being gay is more than a chromosomal difference.

The one thing I didn't expect was that I would sucked into a world where society still believes it is acceptable to discriminate against people I call friends. I stopped thinking that just because the majority get a privilege, it is acceptable for the minority to be denied the same right.

There are many people who use and abuse God's name to deny gay people the chance to get married and openly declare their commitment before God, the state/nation, and the world. I'm not going into why that is wrong here, mainly because once I start, I just won't stop.

I suggest you read my best friend, Tom Webb's blog on the subject as we celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of our friends, Kage Alan and Pookie.

Many happy years together, guys xx

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  1. Congrats to Kage & Pookie!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.