Monday, 19 March 2012

Inspiration: RJ Scott and what is sexy about a guy

Hi Sue! Thanks for inviting me over to share pictures of what inspires me.

I suppose I have to start with defining what I find is sexy about a guy. His eyes, his hands, his legs, his ass, his broad shoulders.. all of these things tick my boxes in big ways. You may notice I didn't include the one part of the male anatomy that you would think I would... Why? 

I love me some hung and heavy. What self respecting red blooded woman (or man!) doesn't. I can appreciate a length of yum as much as the next person. I write about them, and I guess they are the focal point for a lot of sex scenes in my writing. Well they are for the sex itself. Now it is the making love that is kind of different. My sex scenes are almost 100% about *making of the lurve* (we're ignoring The Only Easy Day in this! ROFL). 

There has usually been angst, decisions, drama or plain old innocence that has delayed the act until when my guys come together there is a connection of soul. (Can you tell I am a writer?!!).

So what does this have to do with the anatomy that should inspire me?  The dick that doesn't inspire me as much as you think it should? It's simple really - it's because I want my men to connect in ways that make the lovemaking more intense.

I love the 'suggestion' of a hip bone and the 'tease' of the treasure trail. I adore the 'flash' of skin as a shirt is lifted and the smile that reaches the eyes. For me it is WAY sexier to suggest and tease than to whip it all out in one go.

So my photos are all about the broad expanse of naked chest and then what is covered up below. As a writer I hope I leave you with the thought of what could be under those close fitting jeans, or under that hand. Way before we get to the hot and heavy sex scene.

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Beckett Jamieson, aka Robert Bullen, is badly beaten by his Uncle and biological father. He is rescued and taken by Sanctuary to safe place to heal.
Doctor Kayden Summers is the Sanctuary operative assigned with Beckett's case and he is stuck in the middle of nowhere with an unconscious man.
Beckett is the key to evidence hidden by his mom just before she died and only with Kayden's help can he find what she left for him.


  1. *sigh* awesome post & pictures, RJ.

    Sue, thanks for having RJ over.

    Love & hugs to you both,

  2. Great commentary and pics!