Saturday, 17 March 2012

Inspiration: S.A. Meade and the Face that Launched a Few Books

I can't deny I spend a wee bit more time than I should looking pictures of gorgeous men. I thought I'd ask my fellow authors where they get their inspiration, and I start with the author of my favourite book of 2011, the gorgeous S.A. Meade

The Face that Launched a Few Books.

A couple of years ago, I was intrigued by the lustful Facebook status updates of a friend of mine. They were hilarious and I wondered who the heck this Aidan Turner chappie was that she was perving over. I ran an image search and…wow.
At the time, Mr Turner was playing the role of Mitchell, a 106 year old vampire in the BBC’s ‘Being Human’. It wasn’t being shown in the U.S. at the time so I had to make do with snippets on video sharing sites, etc. etc. That man brought ‘sexy’ back to vampires. Forget about sparkly boys, John Mitchell was mad, bad and dangerous to know. Turner nailed the role. He didn’t walk, he prowled. When he smiled – he dazzled.
There’s always something that triggers a story for me. Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes it’s a fleeting moment when the setting sun falls across a winter garden and, many times, it’s a face. Give me a good looking man and I’ll concoct a story to go with him. He became one of my favourite muses. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may figure out which of my books he appears in. I’ve found it hard to break myself of the Turner habit, but there are other gorgeous men out there and I’m building up a nice little collection of muses.
That’s enough babbling from me. Here’s one of my all time favourite pictures. 

Aidan Turner

Orion Rising by S.A. Meade

Michael and Paul fight to survive in a land frozen by endless winter. Will the ice between them thaw once and for all?

Michael Wright has given up thinking he’s anything more than a number-cruncher. When he’s summoned to verify the outcome of renowned meteorologist, Paul Clarkson’s latest research Michael is happy to escape the drudgery of a grey cubicle at the Met Office.

At Station 17 he finds himself working side by side with a brilliant scientist and charismatic man who stirs a lot more than respect. The attraction is mutual but, after a few snatched hours of passion, internal politics and a vengeful adversary tear them apart.

When Michael returns to Station 17 two years later he discovers that the world isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Paul is forbiddingly distant and the fire that once burned between them has turned to ice. The violence of deadly storm reignites their relationship - but will the disastrous aftermath of another destroy their love once and for all?

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