Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sue's Muse: Dusters, Pants, Suspenders and all

Where do you stand on the woah/whoa divide?
And do you own a duster? Everyone knows what dusters are, don’t they? Well no, actually.
I first encountered dusters in a BDSM story. In fact, I encounter dusters in many BDSM stories. I had visions of a man running around in large, yellow cloth. You are thinking, what the heck? Has Sue had too much wine tonight?
Not a drop, I promise.
This is a duster
And this is a duster
One is especially useful in cleaning houses… the other not so much.

Which leads me back to the differences in American English and British English.
As a Brit writer who sets stories in America, I am always being corrected for using the wrong words.

For instance, a man wears his vest and pants on the inside over here, and on the outside on the other side of the Pond.
This is what I think of as vest and pants

And what I write about.

Forgive me. I’ve just got over not howling in laughter every time I type the words pants. Don’t get me started on suspenders.
Captain Jack with his braces
In Torchwood fandom, there were howls of derision if Jack pulled off his suspenders. I do remember a rather wonderful story with Ianto in lingerie but that’s a whole different matter.
Suspenders anyone?
In the Supernatural fandom, God help you for any Briticisms. Just remember hood and trunk, not boot and bonnet.
Any excuse to put up a pic of SPN boys
I have tripped over using the word “faggot” more than once. Yes, I understand it’s a derogatory term in America. It is in the UK. We also eat them. There are so many jokes I could make… I won’t go there, I promise.

And finally… grits. We put that on roads, we certainly don’t cover it in gravy. 
You eat this?

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  1. ....aaaand now this Southern girl is craving grits, which I haven't eaten in AGES and it's 8:23 p.m. and I'm NOT going out.

    Thanks so much! :D

    (maybe they'll find their way onto tomorrow's grocery list...)