Saturday, 10 March 2012

WIP: Empty Sands. A snippet.

The sound of a dog barking intruded on their intimacy. Sam moved and Liam looked up to see a dog racing towards them. It was a small, black dog. Liam’s knowledge of dogs was limited to hairy, noisy and bitey. The owners of the dog were still some way in the distance, their futile calls having no effect on the mutt’s progress towards them.
“Brace yourself,” Sam warned.
Liam was glad of the warning when the dog took a flying leap at him, knocking the breath out of him. Landing on the sand, the dog jumped up again, wagging his tail furiously and barking at the top of his lungs.
“When I said blue sea, sandy beach and hot men, I didn’t mention mad mutts as well,” Liam gasped, bracing himself for another jump.
“Bosco here is an added bonus,” Sam grinned. “He must like you. Normally he’s all over me.”
“You know this dog?”
“Everyone knows Bosco. He’s the ASBO dog of Sandown beach.”
“ASBO?” Liam was trying to fend off Bosco’s attention while Sam, the fucker, just stood there and laughed.
“The worst behaved dog ever. They kicked him out of doggy training class. He’s a delinquent dog.” Sam raised his voice as an overweight, middle-aged man with a bright red face ran over to him, panting hard. “Next time they’ve threatened him with Dog Borstal.”
Liam still had no idea what Sam was talking about but the man, sweating from his run, grimaced at Sam. “Trust it to be you snogging your boyfriend, Owens. Bosco, down you blasted dog. Sit the fuck down.”
Bosco paid as much as attention to that as he had to all the other commands his owner had leveled at him.
Fed up with being attacked, Liam stood up straight and glared at the dog. “Down, Bosco,” he said sternly, pointing at the sand. The dog obeyed instantly. “Stay!”
Liam looked up to see Sam and Bosco’s owner staring at him with their mouths hanging open.
“Well holy shit!” The man stared at his dog, still waiting patiently on the ground. “How the bloody hell did you get him to do that?”
Sam nodded. “No one has ever got Bosco to sit down. You’re like the dog whisperer or something.”


  1. Great snippet, Sue. Can't wait to read Liam & Sam's story.


    1. Loved it, Sue! So cute! Oh, I am SO going to have to buy Sue Brown books. The time has come. (((hugs, lovely lady))