Sunday, 22 April 2012

Talented Photographer: Joem Bayawa

Recently I came across the talented photographer, Joem Bayawa as he kindly allowed one of his photographs to be used for the It's Raining Men Summer anthology.

I asked if I could show some of his photographs from his Facebook Page as I adore the way he captures the eyes on his models. Yes, I admit, I have a thing for eyes. Now, I could have picked all his photographs. These are just a fraction of the ones I like. I hope they make your Sunday a happy one.

Jace (look at those eyes!!)
Scot Alin (because this made me laugh)

Kris (okay, gorgeous eyes again)

Ian (just drool)

Armin (such a strong gaze)

Anton (he needs a hug, seriously)

Michael, Jace and Kris (having fun, boys?)

Alexander (so moody)


  1. Nice, Sue. Great way to start a Sunday. Thanks.

  2. Joem is very deserving --- He uses the most appropriate models.

  3. He sucks the guys tho lololololol