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I love making new friends and if there is any reason not to love indie author, Talon p.s., I can't find it. Any man who puts flowers up on my Facebook wall is a friend for life. Also any writer that puts this in as a warning gets an extra cuddle. This e-book contains sexually explicit homoerotic M/M sexual content, graphic language, and situations that may be considered offensive to some readers, For readers who are NOT offended may still experience some symptoms such as heavy breath, increased body temperature, extreme arousal and the uncontrollable need to pounce your partner.
Should you feel yourself experiencing any of the mentioned, relax its natural and very healthy. Just go with the flow. Your partner will thank me later.

Over to you, Talon...

As a writer of erotica, of course all forms of erotica inspires me. I hate it when our genre of literature is widdled down to being described as nothing more than porno in words. And while yes, some publications in the erotic/romance genre could be summed up as that; I have also seen a growth in literature that still maintains a strong sexual content. That’s what I write. Because sex without life IS just porno, but life without SEX is just downright dull and (let's face it) unrealistic. I don’t think a day goes by I don’t think about sex at least once or twice.

I am an Indie Published Author. And while it has its downs it also has its ups. (other than my arousal. For one I’m published (yeah!), but just because I am self-published doesn’t mean I’m a bad writer. In my case main stream publishers don’t have interest in my work because I break more than just a couple of rules when it comes to my story content. I AM A RULE BREAKER. It’s my nature and upbringing. I’m from the generation X (that was before everything went digital  for you young folks). We’re known for breaking the rules, primarily the conformity ones. Like tattoos, hair color and body piercings. We also rewrote what is considered sports. We ushered in the X-Games with inline skates, skateboards, and DMX bikes (yes Tony Hawk is from the Gen-X). I happen to be a major fan of sculling and bull riders (grins), anyways to get back on topic   we did what all those video games are based on today (except the shooting parts - thats all theirs – modern teenage angst).

Now having skimmed over some general background, now let me get a little more intimate (well not that intimate – you can read my books that’s close enough). When I was just 3yrs old me Mum gave me the donkey from her plaster divinity set to paint. I painted it black and blue. When I was 7, the Sunday school I went to brought me home and told my parents to never send me back (don’t worry my head didn’t spin backwards or anything like that – I just asked A LOT of questions, and apparently their own faith was too fragile to handle me. Can you imagine that? A seven year old.)

Anyways what I am getting at is that from the beginning I was apparently destined to be the black sheep, the odd one out. (I did not disappoint, nor did I fail to entertain) And in most ways I still am (do). I am not who you think I am. I’m not who they think I am. I am the sum of my many parts, yet you cannot define me.

This obviously has a bearing factor on my writing. In other words I don’t follow the formula erotic romance wants me too. I don’t have sex five minutes after my characters meet. My characters don’t propose marriage on the first night and happily ever after doesn’t apply. If my story implies something intense or foreboding is coming   guess what? It’s coming. I deliver what I promise. I promise to not make you suffer inside a woman’s rambling mind for more than a few brief thoughts (the majority of the stories content will never take place inside a woman’s head- there’s a reason why men don’t understand women, (No, there isn’t a cure for your man). My shape shifters actually shape shift. My sex is detailed, intense and lasting. (No minute men here). Neither my writing nor my characters are passive submissive/politically correct. They have their faults they are also fantasy so NO they aren’t fearful that YOU might be offended by their faults. It’s a story – please try to remember that).

Americans for all the sex going on, are the most sexually fearful, that fear includes nudity. It’s amazing how many people are too modest to even change clothes in the locker room while someone else is nearby. (It probably explains why romance and erotic/romance is the largest selling of any genre fiction – we desperately need to get laid – and laid well AND often) I’m single right now, but I confess when I do have a partner I like looking at them. The fewer the clothes the better. This of course leads to touching   and so on and so on.

Back to what I was saying and why I say it: I am a figment of my imagination. A fantasy    like the world’s I create to take you places you’ve never been to, yet desire them in ways you never thought to imagine. I am neither man nor woman. I am both and I am neither. I am what you need me to be so that in the end I have sated your darkest and most secret needs. I am not afraid to love you for the moment and love every moment with you. I will not weigh our experience together with false expectations. Our connection may be as deep and as fleeting as a glance, but even a glance can make the heart quicken and certain body parts warmer. I may love you for only the one night we’ve been graced to know each other, or it could be a week, a month or a life time. I will love you today even if there is no tomorrow and there will be no part of your body that misses my touch. I will ignite and cherish them all.

Be ready for me… because I’m about to make you wet. Talon p.s.

 MY BLOG ON THE BOOK: (first time all for you)

I’m a die hard Sci-fi fan having grown up with Star Trek and Star Wars. My all time favorites were Farscape and Firefly (awesome shows by the way   worth tracking down the reruns if you can find them). So anyways I happened across a random blog conversation (its amazing the conversations folks have sometimes) about the downsides to trying to mix Sci-fi with erotica. Most agreed it cant be done. None Sci-fi enthusiasts claimed it’s hard to follow and it messes with the aroused high they expect from a book. While even Sci-fi fans hate to see it show up in erotica because either 1) the erotica takes over and there’s no true sense of the Sci-fi aspect or 2) the writer has no feel for writing Sci-fi (not an easy task creating worlds, creatures and languages not of this earth and still get a detailed enough picture painted so you can proceed with the story plot without writing a book the size of Love and War) in the first place.

Sooooo being a BIG BIG fan of Sci-fi AND a writer of erotica... I deemed myself worthy of being knighted to take up the challenge. Actually the damn story thumped me in the back of the head that day, demanding to know what I was waitin’ on.

And to be completely honest the whole thing was a surprise to me from beginning to end how it came together. But I am proud of it. I hope’ll you enjoy.

Blurb: A new life on the Quantum Transport Research Project is what Raffe Landau is hoping for, what he found was a lover with a rare and similar condition of mutation that makes everyone else untouchable. But there’s a reason the space station has laws that forbid anyone touching either of the TorinLee twins and when they’re attacked Raffe knows he’s to blame. And the only way to protect the young man he’d fallen in love with is to stop touching him.
Torin has ever known human touch. That is until Raffe came along and it’s not just the touch. Raffe makes him feel things he never knew existed. So when Raffe pulls away, not only does he not understand, it’s not allowed. Raffe’s about to find out that what Torin wants Torin gets.

Author Bio:I'm a published author of erotic and dark fantasy. That's what I love to do. Write. And I like to writing intense moments, I also tend to break the rules which translate as me being an Indie Published writer. I live in historic Tarpon Springs Florida where it is anything but cold at least 10 and a half months out of the year raising a teenage Daughter, known as ‘My Bug’ along with a slew of hairy four leggeds that act more needy then the Bug does.
Talon has worked in the concert industry with staging and production for the last 22 years and can honestly say “I’ve seen and heard it all. Well maybe not all but damn close and if I haven’t… I know how to Google & Wiki it.” 
Writing has always been an affair creating Fictions of Dark Fantasy and Film Scripts in the Action/Drama and a few Sci-Fi’s. It wasn’t until I began an ancient history tale that the works turned to the Erotic Genre and I’ve been hooked ever since. In just one year close to 30 book projects have been started, many of which are nearing ready for release. And each one finding a new way to push the boundaries to make you feel more, think more and arouse you more.

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