Saturday, 12 May 2012

Buy My Books!

Buy my books! 

There I've said it. At the end of the day that it what I want you to do. I love talking to you, making friends with you, but ultimately, I want you to buy my books. Royalties means money in the bank, money in the bank means the bills are paid and Sue's family doesn't starve.

Does it offend you to be asked so bluntly? Should I say "Please buy my books?" Does that come over as begging? "Please, sir. May I have some more?" 

The reason I am rambling about this is the way that we advertise our books varies considerably. Those of us who are ebook authors don't have the benefit of a shop where you can pick the book up, feel it, read a bit (put it down and walk away...).

What I want to know is what makes you buy a book? Particularly from an author you don't know. After all, it's your hard earned cash that we're asking you to part with. 

Be honest here.What makes you look at a book when you're skimming through Amazon/ARe etc., or a publisher's site? Is it the cover? Is it the promise of something free? Do you read the blurbs?
What attracts your attention?

For me, it's the cover every time. If the book has a naff cover I probably won't look at it. Shallow yes, but honest. If somebody says buy my books I'll probably take a look because they've attracted my attention.

If an author posts their links without permission on my Facebook site, I'll never look at them again. But that is because it's my wall, my business. I love promoting authors, but they are polite enough to ask.

Marketing ourselves is an essential part of being an author. We arrange blogs, interviews, reviews; anything to promote our books. But in the end what we want is for people to buy them. 

So, I am asking...what makes you buy a book; a review, an advertising campaign, the author's winning personality *g*?


  1. ROFL... the cover... and the blurb... and top ten on amazon... usually... oh and personal recommendation is always a good one... x

  2. The cover and the blurb and, yes, personal recommendation. Anyone who uses FB or Twitter to do nothing but spam relentlessly will not see a penny of my hard earned money.

    The rankings on Amazon, ARe or any other site mean very little to me.

  3. When it comes to reading a new-to-me author: The cover is my first draw. Then I read the blurb. I usually avoid reading the reviews. I like to form my own opinion. And if the book/author is recommended by a friend, that's another buying point for me. What's also helpful is through Amazon you can read a sample of the story, and that usually hooks me in enough to buy the ebook so I can finish reading the story.

  4. I'm a cover girl, too. I will look deeper---the blurb, excerpts, anything else to give me some insight. But my initial answer is...yes...the cover. And, when I do look at the cover, it's for a 'mood', or...yes, I admit it...even hot models. But, even with the hot models, I look for a tone to be set by the cover.

    When and if I get to know the author, then I will begin to search for their books. And secondly is, as Sue said, personal recommendation.

    The BOOK should say, 'Please buy me' so the author does not have to. LOL...Or, even better yet...I love spotting those covers that say, "You know you want me..."

    Enjoyed your post! Something all authors need to keep in mind.

  5. Looks like I'll be adding to the Covergirl comment section. I too look for really good covers. Things that draw my eye, and then I read the back to see what the book is about. I also like when people leave comments and reviews. I hate when people give a book 1 to 5 stars but leave no comment. How will I know why you hated or liked it.

    But I like the beginning of this post. Buy my books. I think I'll go look at some of them now. And when I buy one I'll make sure I tell you ;-)

  6. LOL Ive bought some of your books and adding more as I get money. LOL I'm a covergirl as well. I have a few that I bought just on cover and blurb alone without knowing anything about the author. Just me but very rarely do I look at recommendations. I buy a book because I'm interested!