Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Blog Post Competition

Some of you may have noticed that we Brits have been a trifle obsessed lately with a little thing called the Diamond Jubilee. Yes our Queen,  Liz the second, has been on the throne for sixty years. In case you don't know what she looks like here's a pic then and now.

Now the Queen has a couple of passions. One of them is corgis. No, she didn't stick the crowns on them!
The other one is horses. And today she will be at the Epsom Derby as she is every year. This year Katherine Jenkins will be singing to her.


Win an ebook from the back list of R.J. Scott, Lisa Worrall, Chris Quinton and S.A. Meade and me (of course). Plus a $30 Silver voucher to spend on whatever you want.

To take part answer my questions and the questions from the other blogs and fill in your answer on the UK M/M Blog.

My questions are as follows:
Q1 - What colour cup holder does the man in front of Dave get (from Mister Plum)
Q2 - Who is to sing to the Queen at this year's Epsom Derby? 

For the rest of the questions check out:

Dave picks up coffee every morning at the train station on his way to work. He can't help but notice when the man in front of him is given a plum-colored cup holder, as it goes perfectly with his own tie. There are other things he can't help but notice, like how hot "Mr. Plum" is. 

When Mr. Plum hands over a cup of coffee, exactly how Dave likes it, the morning he's late getting to the station, it's the start of a beautiful friendship. Or is it?

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  1. This is great :) It makes me very excited. Plus, there's something so fascinating about pictures of the Queen when she was young.

    Thank you.