Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day Three of The Plan and Nothing has Happened Yet.

If you read my last post I’ve not been in a good place the last couple of weeks and to get me out of my funk
I had … pause for drumroll… Made A Plan.

Rainy Sunday
It mainly involves me getting off the computer and into the jungle I call my garden. That was three days ago. Of course I am still on the computer and nowhere near the garden but that was because I was helping at the church holiday club. Three mornings of gluing, cutting, glittering… what do you mean the kids are meant to do it? I had fun!
It was good fun, but now I need to tackle the garden. Do I make a plan? This seems a sensible idea. After all, I have no clue what I’m doing. See green plant. Kill green plant. I’m very good at the wholesale massacre of plants.
Make a plan. Stare blankly at page. Wander off for coffee. Look at Facebook.
No, no, no, I’m supposed to be away from Facebook. Start again.
1.       Chop down weeds… oooh, man chopping his way through the jungle, swinging his scythe, sweat rolling down his chest. Concentrate, Sue!
2.       Dig out flowerbed… Watch those rippling muscles as the man works the land. Oh for heaven’s sake- me, flowerbed, not hot!
3.       Find fence at the back, by cutting through the brambles. Patching up the wounds of the very hot man…
You see my problem? Every time I start my mind goes off into hot man and storyland. I cannot concentrate on gardening at all. I’m going to take a deep breath and walk out into my garden, armed with shears, a cup of coffee and a blank mind. Forget the plan. I can do this. No more computer, no more Facebook, no more… bird… gorgeous man takes injured bird to handsome vet. Oh for heaven’s sake number two, Sue, concentrate.
*deep breath* I’m going to step out of the door, I really am.… Oh good Lord, it’s hailing cats and dogs.
Maybe I’ll just hide indoors for the next few hours with a book and some munchies. Does that sound like a good idea?


  1. Good lord woman, I love you!!!! roflmao!!!!

  2. LOL Sounds like my plans....for some reason a book and coffee always calls to me. At least youre having some fun with the hot man! ;)

    1. Sue...just get some naked men sprinkled around your garden to help. Rain or shine you won't be tempted to leave the garden.......

  3. You can do it! A little rain (or hail, my god) may delay you for a bit, but I have faith in your ability to weedwhack. :D And hey, if you come up with a scene or two to put aside for later use, no harm no foul. <3

    elinor (misty!)

  4. LOL! Sounds like me Sue! I'll have to tell you about my Zamboni method of doing chores. It's very effective for my imagination inclined mind. :)