Friday, 27 July 2012

Sue's Muse: Life

July has been a bitch of a month. Real life sadness and annoyances, combined with on-line sadness and drama, have left me feeling drained, angry and unable to write. Yesterday, I decided to take a step back from being on-line for a while, and concentrate on other areas of my life.

I present to you. Sue's Plan for August.

This is my garden. I am very embarrassed about my garden. The truth is I HATE gardening with a passion. Green fingers? Bah! See green plant. Kill!

But the recent events caused by people I refuse to name because I don't want their identities on my blog, has made me realise that a break from social media other than straight promotion is in order. So I have project Save Sue's Garden underway. I will post regular updates about my garden in the hope that public derision will spur me onward and upward to a shiny new retreat.

I hope that physical exercise from working in the garden, plus a vacation with my kids will stir the mind and soul, and bring back my muse.

I will still be around. I am unable to stay away from the computer for that long. And I still have writing commitments that I am determined to honour. 

So,  Save Sue's Garden is underway. See you on the other side.


  1. Hates gardening...sooooooooo much...good luck babe.... xxxx

  2. Let me know if you need words :)

  3. I sympathise, I hate gardening, but luckily for me I am married to a passionate gardener (of course HE hates housework!), anyway his name is Dave and his google profile is FFerret so he may be along to offer hints, tips and encouragement. Good luck, see you on the flip side.

  4. Hi Sue

    You can do it. Next doors looked like that until Tuesday (complete with Trampoline), in 2 days she managed to turn it around while being hindered by 2 young children.

    Would suggest that to start you chop the weeds down to ground level (leaving any plants you want to keep), then cut back the bushes on the left. I would then spray the paving with weedkiller (easier than trying to pull them out one at a time), and then use a patio cleaner on the paving.

    Once thats done it will look a lot better, and it will be time to sit down and relax with a drink and a good read.

  5. I cringe when someone gives me a hanging basket of plants or flowers because I know within a few weeks it'll be dead. Two thumbs, both black.

    While I will truly miss your daily "good morning" and good night" posts, and our chats here and there, please know that you won't be far from my thoughts.

    Enjoy your sabbatical and good luck with your garden.

    Hugs & Love,

    May brooks and trees and singing hills
    Join in the chorus too,
    And every gentle wind that blows
    Send happiness to you.
    ~Irish Blessing