Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Halo Effect

Z. Allora gives us a wake-up call on how shallow we can be .
Pretty. Beautiful. Cute. Adorable. Sexy. Hot. Stunning. These are all words we writers use to describe our characters. But everyone knows surface beauty is only skin deep… so why are we so focused on it?
To go into some psychobabble: The Halo Effect. This concept describes how we attribute positive characteristics to attractive people. When we see a handsome or beautiful person, we innately shower them with good qualities even though we have nothing to base this on. Our first impression, based on looks will assume positive qualities. Of course, if we are proven wrong we adjust our perceptions but the initial expectation is they will match their looks.
I say: Fight the Halo Effect. See past the shell and get to the essence where the true beauty resides.  We know it but in this where society beauty is highly prized it bares remembering. Be good to yourself, pretty.

Speaking of pretty… Dusty Davis achieved the rock and roll dream but he didn’t have the one thing he craved. Someone with whom he could share it. J seems to be that person. Though a few hours in a dark club and four months of intense online communication, how well did he really know the person?
Appearances are deceiving but J is exactly what Dusty needs. Now after he accused his would be lover of deception, Dusty’s got to win J back. In order to do that he’ll have to fight both of their demons. But now that he’s Finally Fallen will it cost him his brothers?
For a taste: EXCERPT
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Big Hugs, Z. Allora

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