Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Meet Faith

I'm been AWOL recently, and this little lady is the reason. Her name is Faith, she's nine weeks old, and is a Staffie Mix. She was one of a litter of thirteen. Only three survived as the others got wiped out by a virus. Faith is beautiful and cheeky... and taking up a lot of my time. My doggy, Tyler, is unimpressed to say the least.

 This was one of the first pictures I took of my little girl.
Faith on Tyler. She eats him, bites him, hangs off him and generally makes his life a misery. You can see he's really bothered.My daughter took this. Isn't she lovely?

Faith on her first trip out with us. We went to Pets at Home, and then McDonalds, sitting outside in the sunshine.

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