Friday, 5 October 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

So it's a week to go to GayRomLit. Am I prepared? Am I heck. Two days ago, purely by chance, I found out one of my flights has been cancelled. Expedia - your call centre sucks. I'm still waiting for that call.

What other news. I've signed off on Waiting. Woohoo. It comes out in 5 days. Sparkly dances.

I'm partway through my edits for Papa's Boy, Morning Report 3. I'm hoping by the time I go to have the artwork and blurb.

Reese Dante is doing the artwork for Luke's Present. We are keeping the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas as Simon and our blond dude for Luke. Blond dude has a hairy chest *drool*.

My darling puppy is pooping for Britain. I shall be so glad when we get past this stage. But she is now going out for short walks and enjoying life. Tyler is still not impressed.

Finally, this is me. Just in case you've ever wondered.

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