Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Coming Soon: Blog Story: Ferrell's Destiny


"The age of Wolf was almost over. Within a generation a new House would rule the planet. Ferrell, the first born son of the Wolf House, watched bitterly as the lesser houses sought to take power. At seventeen he would have been next in line to take over as leader of the planet, once his father's reign ended and he ascended to the Great Pack.

Born a generation too late, Ferrell was destined to bow down before one of his best friends, Markus of the House of Lion, or Steel of the House of Lion, to be nothing more than a counselor or warrior. His only alternative is one he finds repugnant, to be part of an arranged marriage to keep political power. 

Then Ferrell is kidnapped by the human and the fae, the other two races on the planet, in an attempt to change the political structure of his world. The leader of the kidnappers, the human, Lucas, is determined to show Ferrell and his friends that the traditional ways need to change.

Ferrell is caught between his heritage, his friends and the burgeoning feelings for Lucas, once the son of his servant, and now his political enemy."

First chapter - 19th November.


  1. This looks great, I can't wait

  2. Look really interesting looking forward to the 19