Monday, 19 November 2012

Coming Soon: a teaser for Luke's Present

A wee teaser for Luke's Present. Coming December 19th from Dreamspinner

“Listen to him, boss.” Pete tipped the hat back on his head to fix Luke with a stern glare. “We don’t want you stuck in the office. We need you out here, riding our asses.”
Luke’s jaw dropped and Simon burst out laughing. “There’s only one ass he’s gonna be riding.”
Chuck groaned. “Don’t remind us.”
Pete rolled his eyes. “As if we didn’t know it already.”
“Come on, boss,” Simon urged. “I think we’ve given them enough visual images to scar them for life.”
Chuck snorted. “You did that when we caught you at the creek.”
“Which time was that?” Pete asked. “There’s been so many.”
“We ought to start charging,” Luke said.
“We’ve seen it for free, son. No need to pay now,” Chuck pointed out.

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