Sunday, 4 November 2012

Morning Report Series

So next week will see the end part of the Morning Report storyarc.

Just to remind you Where it all began .... Morning Report

A decade on from Their first kiss, Luke Murray is more in love with Simon every day. Running the Lost Cow ranch for Luke's parents, They Keep Their Heads down and get along with the locals, even if Luke is Known for being a hothead. Then one day They discover the local the store owners refuse to serve them.

They're bewildered Luke's mom tells Until the new shepherd them have targeted the couple in His sermons. Suddenly Luke and Simon find alienated from People Themselves They called friends, and Their ranch comes under a series of attacks. As the town's hatred and homophobia turns on them, Luke and Simon will face a critical choice: give in to the town's Demands and disappear, or stand and fight for Themselves and Their love.

Morning Report is also available in GermanFrench, Spanish and Italian.

The story Continues in Complete Faith
For Tommy Bradley, a hand working on the Lost Cow Ranch in rural Texas, admitting His sexuality is impossible, even if His bosses, Luke and Simon, are gay-Tommy has spent His Entire life hiding from the truth His homophobic parents. Then Pastor Tommy meets Noah Taylor in Luke's father's hospital room, and his secret Becomes difficult to keep That much harder.

Noah is unlike any man of God-or any man-Tommy's ever met. For one thing, His congregation is made up of GLBT Primarily Individuals and Their Families. For another, I is not afraid of the attraction've feels Toward Tommy, and I have very clear Makes His intentions. But Noah will not hide His sexuality or His love from the world, and I will not start a relationship while Tommy Tommy With hides his, either. Faced With The choice of losing or coming out to Noah His parents, Tommy Takes His first steps out of the closet.

But Tommy is not the only one facing challenges. Thanks To An outpouring of hatred from Pastor Jackson and a group of ranch owners, Noah must cope With the possible loss of His Church and His livelihood.

Complete Faith is available in French and Italian.

On November 16th Papa's Boy is published by Dreamspinner.
When Ray Sloane tires of the men in His usual club, I finds himself in the Pink Palm, An inauspiciously named spit-and-sawdust dive, not the sort of place An Elementary school teacher and shepherd's assistant Should be seen in. On the other hand, Ray needs a fresh face. But what I gets is a closeted, desperately unhappy divorcé named Zeke.

Losing His teaching job and his kids have left bitter and in denial Zeke About His sexuality, but Ray is determined to to get under His skin. Just as Zeke starts to relax, life Interferes with Ray's plans: Lee, the teenage organist desde St. Mark's, tells His parents That I was abused as a teeanger by a prominent congregation Member from His old church, and Ray Becomes the target of bullies at school and has to worry About His own job. With the specter of What Happened to Zeke hanging over him, Ray must protect Lee and his own reputation, all while trying to convince Zeke That does not I need to run away When Their relationship grows more intense.

And a bonus Christmas Present in December ... Luke's Present



  1. Love this series. Can't wait to read Papa's Boy...and then Luke's Present!


  2. Wah I dont want it to end. Do you have to?

    Okay well you are my fave after all. I look forward to reading every book you write!