Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Re-Release of Mr Plum

I got the rights back to Mr Plum from Torquere Press. I love this tale, and am happy to re-release it as a self-published book. I haven't added anything other than change the Americanisms back to UK English. Mr Plum is a short story, but good enough to stand alone.

Each morning, Dave gets his morning coffee from the tiny coffee shop on platform 4, whilst he waits for his train. One morning he notices that the man in front of him gets the cup with plum-coloured sleeve, which matches the stripe in his tie, earning him the name Mr Plum. Plum is Dave's favourite colour. He notices details like that.

With the unsubtle help of Kai, the barista, a gentle romance starts between Dave and Mr Plum, aka Tom. A romance conducted in front of the commuters of the 8:50 to London Waterloo.

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