Saturday, 18 May 2013

Seductive Studs and Sirens Bloghop: Mr Plum

I'm joining in with the Seductive Studs and Sirens Bloghop, for authors and bloggers of LGBT romance, erotic romance and erotica. Follow the linkie to read other wonderful authors and bloggers of the best genre there is.

This week my snippet comes from Mr Plum, my gentle commuter romance.

Dave stared at him, then looked away quickly. Did Tom have any
idea of the effect he was having on Dave?
God, Dave hoped not. Oblivious to Dave's plight Tom loosened his scarf to reveal a dark blue shirt with a matching tie. Dave had a thing about throats. He was a guy, he always checked out the package, but if Dave was honest with himself, it was the throat and maybe a hint of chest hair that did it every time. Tom's throat looked just ready for him to bite.
"You have to dress very formally at your office,"
Dave blurted out to break the silence and then felt like a total tool.
His companion didn't seem to mind though, as he pulled a face. "I'm lucky they don't still expect a bowler hat and umbrella. Honestly, I swear they think dress-down Friday is undoing your top button."
Dave wanted to say that Tom was welcome to undo his top button and undo anything else he'd like to, but that was possibly a little forward on a packed commuter train.


  1. '...but that was possibly a little forward on a packed commuter train.'

    LOL! Lovely excerpt :)

    Fantasy Boys XXX

  2. Nice snippet! Now I want to know if/when/how Dave gets Tom out of those nice clothes. :)


  3. This was the first of your books I read, back when it was newly released and what made me check out your other titles. I still remember the guys fondly! Great, sweet story! Just bought "The Sky Is Dead". Looking forward to reading!

  4. I read Mr Plum. It was quite good.
    debby236 at gmail dot com