Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sue's Muse: Why are you waiting for the right moment?

The last few weeks have been... difficult. Really bloody hard. I'm not going to give you the details because it isn't my news to tell, but needless to say I've been reminded that life is short, and you don't know how long you have to realise your dreams and ambitions.

I know I've written about getting your arse in gear, but I'm going to ask again... have you started that book, that painting, that quilt? Do you have a half-written manuscript tucked away in your closet, or on your computer. Have you dreamed and planned for some big project but never started it?

The moment I got published, the world and his wife wanted to tell me about the book they haven't written. I have heard about the football story, the science fiction story, the chick-lit and literary stories - all still in the heads of people who haven't yet set pen to paper. Even the double-glazing salesman told me about his two books, and they were good! So I have the question... why are you waiting for the right time? What is it you want to do?

A while ago I made five suggestions which started with write the damn book. It seems logical.If you don't write the book you'll never know if you can get published or publish it yourself. If you want to make a quilt, you need a pattern, an idea. Go research. If you want to give up smoking - best of luck.

However, only you can make the decision about you. I have goals and dreams too.I have been as guilty of procrastinating as everyone else. So these are my goals for the next two years.
  1. To write a screenplay of one of my books.
  2. To apply for my MPhil.
  3. To redesign my garden this summer.
  4. To get one of my books high in the Kindle charts.
  5. To write a mainstream book but with gay characters.
These aren't work productivity goals. That is a day to day issue. These are my dreams, my ambitions.
I don't know how many I'll achieve but I'm going to have a go. In the meantime I hope you realise your dreams. Feel free to tell me about them. I'm a very good nag.


  1. This year, I both want and (financially) need to put out four books. It's not really an impossible goal, one of them is almost finished already. This year I'm also going to give outlining a try (at least rough outlining) to see if that doesn't help with my productivity.

    Some day (not likely this year) I would also like to write a mainstream book with gay characters, because while there are a few good ones that I've read, we *desperately* need more of them!

  2. Oh and I have this silly dream about getting one of my books made into the movie of the week... I just have no idea how to make it happen :) But seriously, you should see some of the drek that gets turned into movies for cabel over here. Surely if that stuff is being produced, my stuff could be, too!

    1. None of these goals seem out of reach. I shall come back to this in twelve months to find out how we've done. We might have to wait for the movies.

  3. My dream is to write novels that sell well enough to fully support me. I have been a writer for many years, but so far, I've been doing client work instead of focussing on my novels. But at the back of my mind I knew writing novels is what I want to do. I do need to get off my arse, to be honest:-)