Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Round-Up

Afternoon my lovelies, 

I haven't done a round up for a while, so I thought it was time I told you about Sue's world. 

We'll start with professional Sue. Bob, the Destroyer of Leads, the follow up to Hairy Harry's Car Seat, is now available on Amazon and All Romance eBooks. Harry is half price on Amazon until 31st May.

Let me introduce you to another sequel. Peter is finally ready to face getting another puppy after the loss of his beloved Harry. I have been very lucky that Chris Quinton has donated both plot bunny and puppy for the story. 
The Phantom Boot Fang of South London (coming July 2013), and introducing Hazel.
Evan held out his boots, both of them displaying tooth marks. “I tell you, she’s eating my boots.”
“Well, if you’d put them away like I told you, then the puppy couldn’t get at them.”
Evan eyed the teeth marks in his boots. “But why does she have to eat these boots?”
“You can always get some more,” Peter said, not looking up from the computer.
“But they’re leather. I like leather.” Evan narrowed his eyes at Peter’s change in expression. “One day you’re going to have to tell me what you just thought about.”
Peter wondered if he could describe the vivid image of Evan wearing nothing but leather shorts, cuffs and miles of bare skin.

Books to come

Holding Together

Preorder: 14th June
Prerelease: 28th June
General release: 26th July

Turning Over
Preorder: 12th July
Prerelease: 26th July
General release: 23rd August

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