Monday, 6 May 2013

Taking Part in Stonewall's Equality Walk

Today I am aching. My legs feel like they've been put on backwards and my hips hurt so much. This is self-inflicted pain for a good cause.

Yesterday, my family - kids, doggies, lovely Amelia Edwards (human) and Whitney (canine), took park in Stonewall's Equality Walk in Brighton. 10k around Brighton to help Stonewall in stamping out homophobia in schools. You can get more information here, and it's not too late to donate. My fundraising page is here

I was very nervous about taking my dogs on public transport and around lots of people but they were very well-behaved, even when they got to the tired and grumpy stage. So yah boo sucks, 197 bus driver! Sorry, had to put that in. Our dogs sat nicely and didn't hassle anyone. We had a momentary panic when the first train to Brighton was packed, but we got the second one and found a place to spread out on the floor.

We started at Brighton Pavilion for a picnic, and the doggies got lots of attention. They also got a lot of titbits which probably helped their good behaviour. It was lovely seeing so many people, and the purple and blue T-shirts, mixing with the red Stonewall shirts. Everyone was very friendly.

Pretty Whitney

 This is the gorgeous Whitney, who received lots of attention. Yes, she is a pretty princess, and demands your constant attention by placing her paw on you until you acquiesce. Needless to say she loved being around all the people.

Knackered Tyler
It was a long, long walk in the sunshine but we did it! There were Stonewall people waving and cheering us along the way, and also with the helpful signs.Your smiles certainly helped our progress.

Tyler was happiest if he was leading the way, and he loved the walk.

In hindsight we should have stopped for a drink and bathroom break along the way. The dogs were better off than we were, finding helpful doggy bowls. Tyler peed along the route. Faith waited the entire day before she relieved herself back on home territory.

I wish I'd got the names of the lady and her son (?) from Dorset who held a dinner party and the young man had baked to raise money. I salute you both.

We were thrilled to reach the end 2 hours and 20 minutes later, receiving our medals, including the dogs. Then we collapsed on the beach for a rest, and for much needed drinks and bathroom breaks for the humans.

Faith shows off her bandana and medal
Eventually we regained enough energy to move and went for a fish and chip supper, and doughnuts and ice-creams. Hey, we earned those calories.

In the end we all staggered home, Whitney, Faith and Tyler collapsing on the train. They tried to sleep but it was too crowded. They did get more attention though.

Today, we have done absolutely nothing, including the doggies. It was a lovely day out but I am sooo tired. Both kids are still wrapped in their duvets (it's five pm) and the doggies are asleep.

I hope next year to drag some fellow authors along with me. You have been warned!

Thanks to Stonewall and Brighton for the walk. See you next year.


  1. Well done all of you.
    Was the humans' behaviour as good as the doggies?

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