Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sue's Summertime

Coming in June
It's the start of June and I have three months with books coming out, so I'm taking the opportunity to write three longer books. The Year of the Drouth (in the Morning Report world), No Man Down (number one in a military-based series), and an MF book, Riding Matt.

Holding Together
Preorder: 14th June
Prerelease: 28th June
General release: 26th July

I've been decorating my son's bedroom so I've had a week without my doggies, and now they're snoozing next to me. It's rather nice to have them back. I love the way they just stretch out next to me, totally relaxed.

I'm following the same-sex marriage bill debate this week in the House of Lords. This is where the bill will see most of the opposition. The 'Traditionalists' live here, after all. There is a vigil outside the Lords tomorrow (Monday 3rd June).

I've read a few lovely books recently; Racing for the Sun by Amy Lane, Levi by Bailey Bradford, and Who Moved My Holepunch by Anne Brooke. All different and totally engaging. 

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