Sunday, 7 July 2013

Better Half: A gay movie I'd like to see made

A happy Sunday to you. It's hot, hot, hot here so I'm hiding in my back room, hoping I don't melt away.

I'm doing a shoutout for a gay movie I'd really like to see completed as I think it's a very relevant topic at the moment.

Better Half is the story of a gay couple who decide to adopt an infant. But only half of this happy couple is excited about it. Meet Tony & Leo, and take a glimpse of how the issue of parenthood will test their relationship for the first time.

For years, Tony and Leo have been a happy couple. They had always talked about having a child... someday. So when a sickly infant is abandoned at a local hospital, Tony (Grant Landry) sees it as a sign. Suddenly, Leo (Jaimie Fauth) is confronted with making good on his promise to start a family; he must face his deep-seeded fears of being a father, or risk losing Tony altogether.

Avie Weber (left) & Grant Landry in "Better Half"

Like most gay movies I have seen, the budget for Better Half is dependent on crowd funding and every dollar counts. This is the last couple of days for the latest campaign over at Kickstarter. Each campaign allows a fraction of the film to be made. Michelle, the writer/director is determined to make this movie even with all the obstacles involved. Half the film is made already, including scenes with the baby, now they just need the funding for the last half.

I wish Michelle every success. Take a look at what she's achieved so far. This film deserves to be made.

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