Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Releases, Reviews, and Writing

A week has gone by, and the tumbleweed has collected in the corner of the blog. Time to put my arse in gear before the dusthippo decides to exercise his newly grown fangs. I had a new release, Holding Together, last week and it completely passed me by. Bad Sue!

Darius barely sees his boyfriend. Luca is working all hours at The Arches gym, and Darius goes out clubbing most evenings to relieve the boredom. He’s really tempted to play with other bears at the club.
Then Luca makes Darius work at The Arches to give him something to do. Cleaning! Darius is not impressed, especially when some of the gym staff are hostile to him. He sticks it out, and to his surprise starts to enjoy the work. Luca loves having him around and makes sure he knows—in true Luca style.
Darius is not prepared when Luca is taken ill. Darius finds himself having to support his boyfriend and keep The Arches running. He gets more tired as time goes on, and it doesn’t help that his love-life is suffering. It seems the illness has had a greater effect on Luca than either of them anticipated.
Can Darius show his bear that nothing has changed—he is still the man Darius loves?

I received a lovely review for Holding Together over at Mrs Condit Reads Books.

I am pleased to say my writer's block is shifting for the oddest reason. My computer packed up and now I'm writing longhand. For some reason having to scribble in my notebook has shifted the writer's block and the words are flowing again. Of course, typing it up is a bitch.

Most of my attention, after the kids who are on holiday, and the writing, is on ukgayromance, which I am loving. If you haven't found it, hop over there now! We have giveaways, interviews, spotlights on Britain and do our best to spread the love for the gay romance genre in the UK.

At the weekend I'm offering a giveaway of signed copies of my Morning Report series. So I promise to be back then.

Cheers, my dears,

Sue xx


Sue is currently trying to finish the third in the Lyon Road vet series, Hazel Takes Over.

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  1. Congrats on the new release! And, it's amazing what writing longhand can unlock. I've been doing my outlining in pen in a notebook, and things just fall into place.

    Also, I am really enjoying the fun at UK Gay Romance. :D