Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Writer's Block Again

I need to whinge and whine and feel sorry for myself. Feel free to walk on by. I would.

*sigh* I feel like I'm battering my head against a wall of frustration and misery, which is growing higher and higher as the months goes by. I know why I've got writer's block, I just can't seem to get over it. I wish I could explain but I won't. I've never been keen on my personal issues over the net. Before you ask, I have the ideas, I don't need more plot bunnies, but between my brain and the screen there is nothing - zip, nada, the little fishes are swimming around in circles.

The fact is I'm a writer. My royalties pay my bills. If I don't write at a certain pace I cannot pay my bills, my kids don't eat and I get to be a bad, bad mother.

People have been very keen to give advice, and let's face it, most writers have suffered writer's block. We all have our strategies for dealing with the cold-hearted menace. My favourite is the 20 minutes a day strategy. I sit and write for 20 minutes whether the output is crap or gold. I keep writing every day, be it 10 words, 500 or 2000.

Aha! You haven't really got writer's block then! Yes, I have, because the 10 word days outweigh the 2000 words days by twenty to one, and the output is more crap than gold. Every plan I've got is on hold until I have a more regular output.

I tend to write one story at a time, publish or submit it and then write the next one. Now I have several started, none of them near completion, and they are clogging up my mind. I just want to finish one story and type The End.

So that is my moan. I have writer's block and I feel sorry for myself. *sigh*


  1. right there with you. I've been banging my head against a chapter for at least a month now! I've got to get the fracking book done, but the damn muse has taken off for a summer vacation with some hunk and won't answer his messages. Fickle bitch that he is!

    I know it is little comfort but you are not alone! Hugs.

  2. I feel your pain.

    Well, not quite. I don't have any ideas but when I do force myself to write the result is trite, clichéd and downright boring. I wouldn't want to read it.

    I'm send all my good vibes. Your need is greater than mine.

  3. I hate this feeling more than anything. Like you just want to smash your brain into the computer and hope that what is inside you head gets on the page somehow cause words aren't doing it.