Sunday, 25 August 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Not Quite Finished, Something Blue

I think the title covers it all, except I haven't got anything blue.

This week I've had two books released, Turning Over published by Total-E-Bound, and Isle of Wishes published Dreamspinner.

I'm also thrilled to say I've got the rights back to Final Admission as Noble Romance are no longer in business. Watch this space for reissue. I aim to get it back for sale as soon as possible.

I'm in a unique position for me. I have nothing out for submission at all, due to months of writer's block. But fear not, Hazel Takes Over will be out next month and after that, I have two stories in progress.

So to leave you with a couple of snippets of my WiPs.

A Cock in the Window
“Sweetheart, you can’t buy one of those for Grandma. Why don’t you buy her a Union Jack ashtray?”
In the middle of trying to make a paragraph resemble English, my attention is distracted by a woman and her late teenage daughter standing near the cocks.
“Because she doesn’t smoke and she’d much rather have one of these.”
“It’s a… it’s a….”
“Penis, Mum. You can say the word. You won’t explode. Gran’ll love it. She’ll put it on the mantelpiece next to the picture of Liam and Sam.”
“Kylie Owens, you shut your mouth. Grandma is a good woman.”
I watch the teenage roll her eyes and bite my cheeks not to giggle.
“Mum, you want to make Grandma’s day, buy her one of these. She’s got a room full of crap. Buy her the big black one. Sam’ll find it hysterical. He’ll probably want to borrow it.”

Frankie & Al

By the time Frankie returned to work he was going (gone) stir-crazy. He’d counted the cracks in his bedroom ceiling, shouted at every stupid, crying girl on Britain’s Next Top Model, watched all of Supernatural to see the rare glimpses of the guys with their shirts off, eaten enough Ben & Jerry’s to make himself sick and decided he needed an entire new wardrobe for womb weekend, as he was now calling the team building event. He was that bored, he’d watched an entire documentary on tie-dying and was seriously considering jazzing up his wardrobe in fetching shades of cerise pink and sunset orange. Just in time he’d realised he was gay, not desperate.