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Nothing Ever Happens: Short Part 2

Nothing Ever Happens - Completing the Family

Part I


 Weary to the bone after a long shoot, Andrew dumped his overnight bag on the rug next to the bed, stripped off his clothes and slid between the cool white sheets. Before he’d even settled his head on the pillows, he was enveloped in a large hug, Nathan’s leg slipping between his and a large hand encouraging Andrew to rest his head against Nathan’s chest. For the first time in days, Andrew relaxed. He could hear Nathan’s lazy heartbeat beneath his ear and the summer fresh smell that had attracted him at their first meeting. Andrew snuggled in closer, this was exactly where he wanted to be.
“Hey you,” Nathan said sleepily. “When did you get home?”
“’Bout five minutes ago.” Andrew pressed a kiss just above Nathan’s heart.
 “Wassa time?”
“Three.” Andrew yawned. No way should he be awake at three a.m. The days of all-nighters with his best friend, Gary, or going to clubs to get laid were long gone. Now he liked snuggling in bed with Nathan, and getting a good night’s sleep. Middle age was catching up with him fast. “When did you get here?”
“A couple of hours ago. I dropped Mom and Dad off at their hotel before I arrived. My brother isn’t coming. The whole family is sick. Mom’s annoyed but she could hardly expect her grandkids to travel when they’re puking everywhere.” Nathan dropped a kiss on Andrew’s temple. “You need to sleep.”
Andrew moaned in agreement. He pressed his face into Nathan’s skin and drifted off to sleep in his arms.

“Morning.” The greeting ghosted across Andrew’s dreams.
Andrew swallowed a couple of times. “It’s too early to be morning.”
“It’s nine. I gotta get up. Dan and Jessie will be here soon.”
It was Andrew’s turn to moan. He didn’t function on less than eight hours sleep most nights.
Nathan kissed his cheek. “You can stay in bed. I was gonna take them onto the lake when they got here. You don’t have to come. Colin said he’d be here just after eleven. He’s gonna pick up both sets of parents. I told you about Bob, right?”
Andrew nodded, hoping it wasn’t going to cause a problem later.
The families were gathering at their Lake House for their annual get together, including Andrew’s ex-wife and her new family. Nathan’s ex, Alex, had refused the invitation, the tension between them undiminished despite the number of years since their separation. Andrew wasn’t sorry about her absence. He could never look at her without wanting to kill her for keeping them apart with her lies.
The other notable exception was Andrew’s parents. Nathan had put his foot down and refused to have Ruth in the house. Every time Andrew felt guilty about keeping his mother away, Nathan would silently trace the lines across Andrew’s buttocks where he was whipped by the pastor and Andrew's guilt would subside. He knew Nathan would never forgive Ruth for damaging her son, both body and soul.
“Love you,” Andrew mumbled. The man was a saint for giving Andrew permission to keep his eyes closed.
“I love you too.”
Andrew felt a bite on his nipple and a kiss on his belly then Nathan was gone, leaving a chill where his body had been. As Andrew drifted back to sleep, he heard the shower go on and smiled sleepily at Nathan’s moan of appreciation.
When he opened his eyes again the light had changed in the room. He yelped when he looked at the clock. It was just after noon. Everyone was already going to be gathered downstairs. He sat up and  scrubbed his hand through his hair.
“You’re awake. About time. I thought you were going to sleep the whole day away.”
Andrew grinned at his son, as he wandered  into the room. Twenty-three years old and almost a carbon copy of Andrew, with light brown spiky hair and blue eyes. At least he was cleaner than he had been as a child. Colin had managed to spend his entire childhood covered in dirt.
Colin pointed to the bathroom. “Nathan says get your arse into the bathroom.”
“Arse. What the hell is an arse?” Andrew deliberately drawled out the word. Colin had picked up too many British words in his years in London.
Colin rolled his eyes. “What you are for even asking the question. Now hustle.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m getting there.” Andrew stumbled into the bathroom to clean up. He winced as he looked in the mirror. His hair stuck up all over the place and he had sleep clogged in his eyes. He needed a shower and a large mug of coffee before he could even start the day, or what was left of it
“Now you’ve moved I can give you this.” Nathan stood in the doorway with a Drew-sized pint of coffee.
“I love you,” Andrew moaned, his hands outstretched.
“Are you talking to me or the coffee?”
“Both.” Andrew made no apologies for his caffeine addiction. He slurped half the mug down before he spoke again.
“What time is dinner?”
“Mom and Stephanie say it’ll be ready at three. All you have to do is drag everyone out so that the girls can cook in peace. Joe has promised to take the babies.”
Stephanie, Andrew’s ex-wife, and Joe had thought their family was complete with two little girls. Then they were surprised by a third pregnancy. Andrew remembered the horrified look on Stephanie’s face the day she told him she was carrying twins. She had a son of twenty-two and now she was expecting babies four and five. Andrew had hugged her and if he'd smiled, he'd made damned sure Stephanie hadn't caught him.
“I can do that, as long as they carry me.” He caught the concerned look on Nathan’s face. “I’m okay, just tired. It was a long day yesterday. I ache a little.”
“You don’t have to do this anymore, Drew.” Nathan stroked Andrew’s cheek and Andrew leaned into the caress.
“I know, but—”
“There are no buts.” Nathan plucked the mug out of Andrew’s hand and placed it on the counter, then gathered Andrew into his arms, holding him close. “We both know you’re still struggling from the car accident.”
Andrew tensed as he always did when anyone mentioned the car accident he’d been in several years before, and tried to pull away, but Nathan refused to let him go and he subsided onto Nathan’s chest. Nathan was right, Andrew knew that. He’d never fully recovered from accident in which his husband, Rich, had died. But he hated his weakness being pushed in his face. “I’m fine. I just need more time.”
Nathan pushed Andrew gently against the counter. “I know you like working, and I know you hate staying at home all day, but you don’t need to push yourself through these long shoots. How many times do I have to say it? Andrew, most people would chew their right arm off to be able to retire before they're fifty and do what they want. You’ll do yourself real damage unless you stop.”
 “What am I supposed to do all day while you work? I can’t even walk the dogs.” They had made a decision not to have any more dogs while they travelled between London and LA.
Nathan was still teaching fourth grade or whatever the equivalent was in the British school. Their system still left Drew bewildered.
“You’ll find something. Now, get in the shower. You stink.”
“Yes, sir!” He stripped off his boxers and turned the water on, giving it a few minutes to warm up.
“God, that’s a nice view,” Nathan said huskily.
Andrew moaned as his body reacted the way it always did around Nathan. “Put up or shut up, Peterson.”
“We don’t have time. The parents are here.” Nathan sounded regretful.
Andrew turned around and deliberately jacked his thickening cock, smirking as Nathan sucked in a breath.
“Bastard,” Nathan hissed.
“Ya know it.”
Andrew backed into the water, not stopping his action. He was going to come, Nathan could do what he liked. He could see the indecision on Nathan’s face. Three… two….
“Fuck it.” Nathan locked the bathroom door, stripped off his clothes and stepped in the shower cubicle. He was a big man, and crowded the available space. Andrew backed up until he was against the tiles, letting Nathan see what he was doing. To his surprise, Nathan made no effort to take over, despite being clearly aroused by the show. Andrew let his hand get faster, stripping his cock until he was panting on the brink of climax. He looked at Nathan who kept his eyes fixed on Andrew’s hand and cock.
“Keep going. Want to see you come.”
It took a matter of seconds to obey Nathan. Andrew grunted as his balls drew up tighter still and he splattered come on the tiled floor of the shower. Pulse after pulse was washed away as fast as it landed on the floor and Nathan watched every spasm of Andrew’s body.
Andrew leant back against the tiles, recovering his breath. He looked at Nathan’s cock, proud and reaching out as if begging for attention. “How would you like me to take care of that?”
Nathan pointed to the floor. Andrew dropped to his knees and took him into his mouth. Nathan snapped his hips into Andrew’s willing greedy mouth and came with a shout. As he sucked Nathan through his orgasm, Andrew prayed the running water had covered the noise.
He looked up at Nathan, letting his cock slip from his mouth. He deliberately wiped his lips with the back of his hand, watching Nathan’s eyes flare again. The first time Nathan had seen Andrew with another guy was finding him in a bathroom stall giving a blowjob. It had taken a long time for Andrew to realize that being on his knees in front of Nathan turned him on like nothing else, because Nathan knew that Andrew wouldn’t be going to his knees for any other man. Despite their history to reach this moment, now they were totally exclusive.
Nathan hooked his hands under Andrew’s elbows and helped him to his feet. He hauled Andrew into a kiss. Andrew wrapped his arms around Nathan’s neck and kissed back, his tongue delving into Nathan’s mouth, sharing the taste of him.
They were interrupted by loud banging at the door.
“Get out of the shower! Joe is hungry.” Colin yelled. “If you don’t get out now he’s going to break down the door and drag you out.”
 “Tell him to make his own dinner,” Nathan called out.
“Do you really want Joe blowing up the kitchen? With all that food? He’s a worse cook than Gary.” Andrew grabbed the shower gel and started soaping himself.
He had a mental image of his ex-wife’s husband and his best friend setting fire to the kitchen in their haste to eat.
Nathan slowed his hands. “At this moment, I don’t care what happens to the house as long as I can stay here with you.”
Andrew swallowed hard against the sudden tears that sprung to his eyes. He didn’t want Nathan to see how overwhelmed he was by a simple statement. After years of wanting Nathan and being denied him, having the man in his life, his house and his bed was still a shock. Sometimes Andrew turned around and Nathan was just there, but all he could see was him walking away.
“I know,” Nathan said as if he could read Andrew’s mind, and laid a hand on the back of his neck. I’m here. You’re still mine.
The weight was solid and comforting, settling Andrew’s nerves and he managed to give Nathan a smile.
Nathan brushed Andrew’s knuckles with his lips. “I’d better get out there before Joe breaks in.”
“He’d be too scared of what he’d find,” Andrew muttered.
“Get showered and come eat.”
Andrew’s stomach growled and Nathan laughed. “At least someone agrees with me.” He bent and kissed Andrew’s belly, just above the navel, and got out of the shower.
Andrew stood under the pounding spray for one more minute, girding himself for the day to come. He didn’t know if this was about to blow up in his face but it was too late now, what was done was done.

Part III tomorrow


  1. this except was even better than the first!! I have to read the book now. . .I have it, and I admit, I have to be in a certain mood/place/state of mind to read it, especially since there's angst involved. But that's life, I guess. . .Anyway, I really can't wait until the next installment!!