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Nothing Ever Happens: Short Part 7

Nothing Ever Happens - Completing the Family

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By the end of the day, Andrew’s nerves were stretched so tight he thought he was ready to snap. The effort of trying not to be overly affectionate to Nathan, and minding what he said to Aaron was wearing him down. After the younger kids had gone to bed, Stephanie, her husband, Joe, Colin and Gary dragged him off for a few beers by the dock, leaving Nathan and his family to Skype with Nathan’s older brother Bob, who had been oblivious to the return of his sister.
Gary had missed all the drama for which Andrew was thankful, because his friend wouldn’t have minded his manners. He’d spent years having to pussyfoot around Andrew’s mother, and he had no time for it now.
Andrew and Gary got out their guitars and had an impromptu jamming session by the lake. There was a small area for a fire, and they sat on large tree trunks and played the first tunes that came to mind, while the fire crackled and popped.
After three beers, Andrew finally started to relax, and he felt even better when Nathan sat down beside him, snagging one of the bottles out of the cooler.
“I wondered where you’d disappeared to,” Nathan said, kissing Andrew’s mouth.
“He needed some downtime,” Stephanie said.
Gary waved his bottle at Nathan. “You’re interrupting. Andrew was just showing us his Hendrix skills.”
Nathan wrinkled his brow. “Drew doesn’t have any Hendrix skills.”
“He thinks he does when he’s had a few,” Joe said.
Andrew flipped him off. “I haz skills.”
“Isn’t that sweet,” his ex-wife said. “He thinks he can play.”
Andrew leaned back against Nathan. “I hate you all.”
“Leave my man alone.” Nathan patted Andrew’s thigh. “Pick on your own man. Oh right, he isn’t here.”
“Yeah, where is Gabe?” Andrew asked.
“He’s in Paris with the new boyfriend,” Gary said shortly.
Nathan leaned forward and gripped Gary’s arm in sympathy. “Sorry, dude.” He wasn’t surprised when Gary just shrugged as if it didn’t bother him.
To Andrew and Nathan's surprise their best friends had continued an on/off relationship since they'd first met, but neither of them wanted to settle down. At least that’s what they said to the world. Both Andrew and Nathan had a feeling that settling down was exactly what Gary and Gabe wanted to do but they didn’t have the bottle to admit it to each other.
“What about you, Colin? Have you met the woman of your dreams yet?” Joe asked.
Colin shook his head. “Not yet.”
“You’re telling me there’s not one lady out there that’s caught your eye.”
Andrew wasn’t surprised when Colin shot him a look. He’d long had suspicions about his son’s preferences.
“Maybe I’m just fussy,” Colin said.
“Leave the boy alone,” Andrew said. “The poor guy is only young. The last thing he needs to is find someone. He should be out there having fun.”
Colin smiled at him gratefully. “I’m working too hard at college to be looking for a partner.”
Andrew was beginning to despair of Colin ever finishing college. He’d completed his undergraduate degree in London and after a year off back home, he decided to finish his Masters at Birmingham University in the UK.
  “I thought your college years were for booze and sex,” Joe said, looking at Andrew for agreement.
Andrew rolled his eyes. “Stephanie and I were new parents.”
Joe slapped his head. “Sorry, dudes, that was stupid of me.”
“I was with Alex in college,” Nathan said. “I managed the booze and we had plenty of sex.”
“I really don’t need to hear about old man sex,” Colin complained.
“Old man sex!” Nathan sounded so outraged that everyone burst out laughing. “I was the same age as you!”
“Yeah, but you’re an old man now, so old man sex.”
“I’m going to kill your son,” Nathan said to Andrew.
“Sure, whatever.” Andrew reached for another bottle. “Just don’t make a mess.”
Colin kicked Andrew on the ankle. “Nice to see you’re sticking up for me, Dad.”
“Yep.” Andrew waved his beer and settled back again Nathan.
“Trashed,” Colin mouthed exaggeratedly.
“I’m not trashed.” And he wasn’t. Buzzed, yeah, but not trashed, not yet. He was working towards trashed.
“Leave your dad alone,” Nathan said, resettling so that Andrew was resting his back against Nathan’s chest.
Andrew hummed contentedly, especially when Nathan played with the bottom of Andrew’s shirt, sneaking his fingers up so they rested warm against the skin of Andrew’s belly.
“Where’s Nancy and Aaron?” Stephanie asked.
“Probably still talking to my parents,” Nathan said. “I needed some Andrew time.”
Gary made a gagging sound. “You two get more sickly as time goes on.”
“Just because you can’t stick your tongue down Gabe’s throat doesn’t mean to say the rest of us have to be miserable.” Andrew deliberately tilted his head to kiss Nathan’s throat.
“I think I’m gonna find myself a hot shower and my bed, before this rots my teeth,” Gary grumbled.
“Me too,” Colin said. “Danny’s dragging me and the rest of the kids out on a walk tomorrow at the crack of dawn.”
Andrew suppressed a smile. Nathan’s son had Colin wrapped around his little finger.
“I need my bed.” Stephanie stood up. “The babies will be up at three.”
Joe looked disappointed. “The evening is over? Does that mean I have to go to bed too?”
His wife dragged him up. “Let’s give the boys some peace. It’s been a stressful day.”
“You can say that again,” Nathan muttered.
She grinned at them. “Make the most of it, boys. You’ve got to play nice tomorrow.”
Nathan groaned and buried his face in Andrew’s hair. “Do I have to?”
Andrew waited until everyone had vanished back toward the house before he swiveled around to look at Nathan. He held onto Nathan’s forearms while he searched for the right words. “Do you hate me?”
“No.” Nathan sighed and pushed back his hair. “I don’t hate you but I’m tired of tiptoeing around Amy and her family. I thought… I never thought I’d see her again. I thought she’d OD’d somewhere. And now….”
“And now?”
“It’s an anti-climax. Isn’t that stupid? I thought when… if… I ever saw her again it would be this big, big, marvelous thing. Instead, it’s one more additional problem, in a whole host of fucking problems, and I hate that.”
Andrew pushed back Nathan’s hair, and kissed his mouth. “He loves her. He’s not a bad man, just misguided.”
Nathan shrugged helplessly. “Misguided, bigoted, two sides of the same coin. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like at family occasions with him glaring across the table? It’ll get more and more uncomfortable until you suggest not going just to make life easier, and I’ll hate being there without you and then I’m going to get angry and we’re going to argue and—”
“Shhh.” Andrew placed a finger over Nathan’s mouth. “Stop now before you really overthink this.”
“Is that what you think I’m doing?”
Andrew knocked Nathan’s head. “What do you think?” He smiled but it faded away when Nathan didn’t return his grin. “You’re really worried about this, aren’t you?”
“I saw your face every time your momma started. I close my eyes and I see that familiar pain in your eyes. I’m not letting anyone do that to us again.”
A big lump filled Andrew’s throat. He knew how much Nathan loved him but it was only at times like this that the sheer enormity of their love overwhelmed him.
“Fuck.” Andrew dragged Nathan closer and pressed their lips together, so harshly that their teeth clacked together. It hurt like a bitch but Andrew didn’t care. He groaned deep in his throat and surged forward, trying to get closer to Nathan.
Nathan hung onto him like a drowning man. “Don’t you ever think you don’t come first.”
“Never. I’ll never think that.” He fumbled at Nathan’s jacket, pushing it off his shoulders.
Nathan was equally clumsy as he tried to undress Andrew, all fingers and thumbs. “I’ve got to have you.”
“No lube.”
Nathan dug in his jacket pocket and pulled out a familiar tube. “Never let it be said I’m not prepared.”
“You little boy scout you.” Then Andrew’s mouth went dry as Nathan unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick.
“Little?” Nathan pumped his long, thick cock, putting on a show for Andrew.
“Maybe not so little.” Andrew didn’t bother to hide his open want as Nathan held the shaft and used the tip to trace Andrew’s lips.
Andrew licked his lips and the tip of Nathan’s dick, chasing the taste of him. Nathan groaned, his hands tangling in Andrew’s hair, his need obvious. Andrew tilted his head to look up at Nathan, watching the light from the flames play over his face.
“What?” Nathan asked, oddly vulnerable.
“I love you.”
Nathan stroked Andrew’s cheek. “I know.”
Andrew nodded. “I’m gonna make you good and hard, then you’re gonna fill me up.”
“Sounds good to me.” Nathan’s hands became more insistent.
Andrew let Nathan control the pace, feeding his cock into Andrew’s mouth until the head touched the back of Andrew’s throat. Nathan pulled out, and Andrew clutched his ass, trying to pull him back in.
“Let me,” Nathan said, pulling back until only the crown rested in Andrew’s mouth. “Fuck, you look such a slut.” He must have caught Andrew’s expression because he said, “My slut, no one else will ever have you.”
Andrew sank down on Nathan’s cock to shut him up, pleased when the words trailed off into a groan. After so long, he knew just how to play Nathan until the man was hanging onto Andrew’s hair, then he virtually bucked Nathan off him and stood up. For a minute, Andrew was dizzy, the beer rushing to his head before the blood.
“You okay?” Nathan asked, holding onto Andrew’s arm.
Andrew waited until he could answer in the affirmative, then he pushed down his jeans until they trapped his knees. He shuffled around and bent down, ass high in the air. “Fuck me,” he demanded.
Andrew hissed as cold lube dribbled down his crease.
“Sorry.” Nathan sounded anything except repentant.
“Wait ‘til it’s your turn.”
Nathan pressed one lubed finger into Andrew’s hole. “I’ll bear that in mind.”
Andrew rested his head on his hands and pushed his ass higher in the air, a whining sound ripping from his throat. Another finger and this time Nathan made sure he pegged Andrew’s prostate.
“Enough,” Andrew yelled. “I’m ready.”
Nathan took him at his word, pressing the head of his cock against Andrew’s hole, waiting until Andrew was wriggling and writhing, teasing Andrew until he was desperate.
Andrew looked over his shoulder. “Now!”
“Bossy.” Nathan pushed in steadily, filling Andrew with his cock, his body and his mind.
Andrew gasped as his ass pressed against Nathan, feeling Nathan’s pubes tickle his skin. Then Nathan pressed one hand on Andrew’s lower back and started fucking him, solid slams that jarred Andrew’s body. He hung onto the tree trunk, letting Nathan slam into him over and over again.
Nathan canted his hips and Andrew yelped as Nathan pegged his gland. He wasn’t going to take long to come, his cock completely untouched. He felt Nathan swelling inside him, filling his channel, then Nathan gasped, pumping short, sharp jabs as he came inside Andrew’s body. Nathan slumped over him as he worked through his orgasm.
To Andrew’s surprise, Nathan pulled out, sat on the tree trunk and pulled Andrew to him, sucking Andrew’s cock into his mouth. A couple of hard sucks and Andrew came, pumping down Nathan’s throat. Nathan didn’t let him go until Andrew softened in his mouth. Andrew stroked Nathan’s hair, shorter now than it used to be, but still thick and curly beneath his fingertips.
“I won’t let them hurt us,” Nathan said eventually, his face still pressed against Andrew’s belly.
“Nor me, baby, nor me.” Andrew held him tight, in no hurry to move despite the chill night air nipping at his exposed ass. 
“Everyone leaves tomorrow.”
“Then it’ll just be us and the kids.” Andrew couldn’t wait. This was one family occasion he couldn’t wait to leave behind.

Part VIII tomorrow


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  2. I'm really enjoying catching up with Andrew and Nathan again. Thank you so much!